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BMW's big boxers, Camille Coupe and other auto industry events – Autoreview

Branch BMW Motorrad talked about customization. Revival cageIt was announced last week at the Austin Austin Motor Show. The unique machine with titanium tube frame and metal saddle is not designed for duplication, but author Revival Cycles is going to break the speed record of this class. There is another thing that is more interesting: the special cover hides BMW's entire new long-stroke 2-cylinder counter. The company has the same engine installed in customized workshop custom work Zon and BMW Motorrad will announce its own concept motorcycle as a new motor. The 2.0-liter capacity of the engine, the Big Boxer, is expected to mount on BMW's serial since 2020.

Sedan production started in Kaliningrad Autotor Kia cerato The fourth generation of the entire CKD cycle (welding and body painting). This is the third Kia model Avtotor produced with welding and body painting. In November 2013, the Sorento crossing came on a conveyor belt, and a year later Ceratato, still on the conveyor belt, appears a year later. The new CKD sedan will appear in dealerships in late April.

Prosecutors in the Federal State of Lower Saxony in Germany have accused former Volkswagen officials. Martina Winterkorn And there are four automatic giant tooth heads. All five have been indicted for fraud and illegal acts of competition with the Diesel Gate. Winter Horn and his comrades did not immediately stop using fraudulent software and did not report it to European and US authorities, thereby significantly reducing fines and other costs.

PSA is preparing to debut the hatchback. Opel / Vauxhall Corsa New generation. Announced data on the relief of the new model: The body dropped 40 kg, the new engine is 15 kg light. The front and rear seats are 5.5 and 4.5 kg respectively, and the aluminum hood is lighter than the old river 2.4 kg. In the gun, the car felt better than 100 kg: the simplest version weighs only 980 kg. The new Corsa debut is expected to be held in the autumn at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but all information about the car will be kept confidential a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow, cooperation is expected to be announced. Toyota Electric boots in China Singulato. Toyota has given Chinese partners the basics of Toyota eQ electric microcarriers (also known as Scion iQ EVs in the United States), and seven years ago, minimal emissions were minimized. In return, Japan will investigate how to promote electric vehicles in the Middle East in the Chinese market under the so-called "environmental theory," a quota of emission of hazardous substances.

As part of the Shanghai Motor Show announced the crossover Skoda Vision GT. The company has only published a sketch of its appearance so far, but the Czech press has found it to be a coupe version of the Skoda Kamiq SUV for the Chinese market on the older PQ34 platform. The live car will be on display in autumn, and the production version will be on display at the beginning of next year.

Also today we talk about the Shanghai Futures Pioneer as well as the Shanghai Mustang pioneer in the next generation Nissan Versa sedan, Focus RS Hot Hatch: Volkswagen ID.Roomz, Teramont X and SUV coupe concept crossover, Mercedes-Benz GLB, Buick Encore And Encore GX.

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