Friday , August 12 2022

Boxing – Beleu turned right into Usik on Ukrainian ring – Latest Boxing News


British boxer Tony Belew showed genuine respect for Alexander Usik after a fight that was on November 10th in Manchester. The bomber has found strength to recognize Ukraine as a strong boxer. At the same time, Beliu turned rivals in Ukrainian.

Tony called Usik Oleksandr, not Alexander or Alex, during an interview in the ring. "Oleksandr, you are a great champion! I want you to do your best for you," Britton said. And kissed on the head of Ukraine.

Beleu repeated many times that Usik is the strongest boxer he has ever met.

We told Alexander that when he arrived in Kiev he bought a true friend to a man named Tony Beliou.

Alexander Usik, reported by OBOZREVATEL, came back to Ukraine and said frankly about the fight against Beleu, who had stunned him in the eighth round.

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