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CEO Twitter commented on Facebook's decryption plan and cleared Bitcoin's principles.

The Internet must have a unique call. However, one particular company can not create this currency and can not prevent it from emerging. So far, Bitcoin is the best competitor to a responsible role jointly founded by Twitter and Fintech founder, Square Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey emphasized that with this single digital currency, communities and countries around the world can be integrated through more rational financial services.

"More and more people use the Internet, imagine that they all have access to a single currency, but at the same time they can turn them into national currency, which removes the barriers of the past, I will change my vision. "He said in an interview with Quartz.

Entrepreneurs point out that the Internet is not under the control of a company or a specific government. So, it is open to the world and to anyone. The same must be the original currency of the World Wide Web.

"I hope that all private companies recognize the value of a currency without a state and that all corporations have unrestricted access to some of the corporations"– Dorsey noted that he did not know the details of the project on rumors about the Facebook GlobalCoin project.

Dorsey is faithful to Bitcoin, and for the past decade, I think the first cryptocurrency is ideal for the base currency of the Internet.

"This is the best candidate in terms of purity of the core principle, it was created in the name of the public good, but it was not created for any other purpose."– Add CEO Twitter.

An important aspect of Bitcoin is a deflation model that motivates people to collect money without wasting money that has a positive effect on their understanding of consumption.

"This is a rare resource, and its value is likely to continue to increase, considering that a hundred times before you buy a coffee you will think of a sofa, because after a week the bishop price can rise. This is very interesting from a psychological point of view. "

Bitcoin is resistant to security threats, government attacks, mining operations, forks and other risks. Dursey says the first cryptocurrency in the last 10 years proved this.

"What kind of new cryptocurrency could challenge Bitcoin, but it did not pass all the tests."

Dorsey is convinced that the entire financial system works because of the gradual drop in the lowest common denominator in the form of cash. But he believes in the future that digital forms of cash will be a priority, not plastic cards.

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Jack Dorsey von Twitter: Is Bitcoin the default currency on the Internet?

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