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Due to illness Pugacheva will not tell Agutin's anniversary


Russian soloists and writers Leonid Agutina He responded to information about cancellation of Alla Pugacheva's speech at the anniversary concert. I am sick. "The performer wrote that she liked both the artist and his music.

What type of illness involved in the plan, whether it interfered with the performance, or the pop singer did not specify.

Agutin supported the pop singer and wished her health.

The concert will be held at "Olympic" on November 10th for Agutin's birthday.

"Forgive what happened." Alla Borisovna wrote on the Instagram's own page.

"I dreamed of performing at a concert. Leonid AgoutinThe song is so nice, but I can not. We will cope, and we need to take care of you. "Agutin responded to this publication in this commentary, and many people started to worry about their favorite artist, and the user began to look for the cause of the deterioration of well-being and Prima Donna concluded that" He also promised: "We will make more and more songs.

Alla Pugacheva's husband and humorist Maxim Galkin decided to comment on the words of a national artist on health deterioration.

According to the writer, he is currently in Canada.

– Alla Borisovna has announced that she "will change the sex of this song" and will repeat a few words. The body fails. I am difficult to breathe and difficult to walk, but I am still alive and I have to live for a little child. – reported on social networks. Alafuga Cheba.

Alafuga Cheba
Alafuga Cheba

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