Tuesday , May 30 2023

Flew underground: A terrible accident occurred in the center of Kiev – News Kyiv


A fatal accident occurred in Kyiv (Svyatoshinsky) district on Victory Avenue. The driver of the car hunger CEED moved centrally, losing control and driving away.

The speed was the same as if the car had destroyed the pillar of the road sign first, then moved about 50m between the tree and the pillar and almost into the underground passage. Details are reported on the "Vartovi espreso" Facebook page.

We stopped the vehicle only after colliding with the subway wall.

"The doctors were forced to reveal the fact of death," he said. "I went to a roadside and went to a place where I had alcohol or other reasons, so I checked the results," he said.

On Saturday evening, November 17th, OBOZREVATEL reported that truck and passenger car accidents occurred in Kyiv.

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