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Fonseca plans to neutralize Manchester City – football.ua


Paulo Fonseca knows how to take advantage of Manchester City players.

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca says he will face Manchester City.

– Manchester City players have great qualities and control over the ball. Even if the team puts a lot of pressure on the goalkeeper, it has a good line of defense including the goalkeeper. They do a great job with pressure. They can also defend for a long time through the very fast Leroy Sanah and Raheem Stirling. So you need to find another way to protect it.

– It is rare for Shakhtar to defend because he does not have to spend a lot of time in defense of the Ukraine Championship.

– Of course. This is another challenge for us. In Ukraine, most games spend 80% of their opponents' goals. We hardly defend … We are Manchester City. It is just the Ukrainian Championship. So we have to play differently in the game against "citizens".

However, this does not mean that you have to defend yourself while waiting for your opponent to counter-attack. My players do not play in this style. I have not even done that when I was teaching a small club. My athlete is not accustomed to this. Therefore, we will try to think of something else.

– Exactly what?

– The main philosophy is to play high but compact at the same time. I hope the distance between the last defender and the attacker is short. The same applies to the distance between the two sides. Our team must be high and narrow. If we play hard and compact, Manchester City will be more difficult to control the ball.

At the same time, we should not go into high pressure and lose position on the scene. As I mentioned before, the players in Manchester City have many qualities including speed, so they should not sit very deep.

Our plan will work if we are small and there are no holes between the lines. It requires much concentration as well as discipline and much energy. First of all, my players have to understand what the players in Manchester City are going to do. This is one of the most important things I want to teach my players, "Fonseca said in an interview. ESPN.

Gyeonggi Miner – Manchester City will be held on Wednesday, October 7. The meeting will start at 22:00.

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