Sunday , January 29 2023

Former deputy director suspected of involvement in Gandzyuk case – arrested – Ukraine


The court chose Pavlovski for the arrest.

On Saturday, November 10, former assistant and law enforcement officer, Igor Pavlovsky, was arrested in Herson, and today, on November 12, the court took custody in the form of detention without an alternative to bail.

This was reported by the media secretary of the Ukrainian police chief, Larissa Sargan.

He is suspected of having participated in an organized crime against an activist and a planned murder committed by a prior consensus with an individual group, from a mercenary motive imposed by an order to a particular cruelty. GPU and SBU continue to investigate.

videoTest case Gandzyuk: What consequences for Ukraine will trigger an acid attack on activists?

A public activist who has been acidically extinct in three months is a symbol of the tragic struggle against corruption in Ukraine for which crime is not known, and is endless. There are dozens of such scattered cases about combatants who are against law enforcement and bureaucrats and customers about warmth and safety. The death of Catherine Gandziuk was the last straw desperate to be taken to the streets, and the law enforcement officers had to report nervously.

Test case Gandzyuk: What consequences for Ukraine will trigger an acid attack on activists?

Recall, July 31 in Herson Behaviorist Ekaterina Gandzyuk attacked. The attacker was waiting for the victim at the entrance and sprayed the girl with a thick sulfuric acid. A woman suffered body burns.

Katherine Gan Duke got burned. I left the world on November 4th.. Her case was retrained for immediate murder. Yuriy Lutsenko, the Ukrainian prosecutor general, has pledged that the police investigation into the murder of activist Yekaterina Gandzyuk will be completed soon. The case is going to court.. So far, five suspects have been detained in this case. Crime organizers and direct criminals.

The organizer of the community said, "Who ordered Kathiya Gandhidor?" Facebook, the activist, and The Newsroom 's Telegram channel. Intermediation between customer and murder organizer People's Deputy Director, Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky.

In turn, Palamarchuk Gandzyuk denied all claims related to murder. At the same time, he "disbanded Pavlovsky to avoid pressure on the investigation."

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