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Kaminski struck the net with his straight clothes. "The breasts are barely holding." Polite Car

The Ukrainian singer, a member of group "NeAngely" Slava Kaminska, showed a photo admiring her fans.

As you know, the singer is very pleased with the fans on the Instagram social network page through various stages or house shots and videos.

So, not only did the singer decide to defeat frank clothes that emphasized elegant clothes, but also hit fans with an important idea.

"Why is it that our love is our main love in our love? Why do people who love themselves love everyone? Why do not anybody love someone who does not love oneself? Why does not someone who does not love ones love? ?

When a person grows self-esteem, life changes completely. And if something goes wrong (or not at all), you may need to change your attitude toward yourself and your ability. Everyone knows iron rules. You are treated in the way you feel about yourself. Can not you say to yourself "I'm too cold"? Others can not say this about you … "- I write Slava.

At the same time, notice that self-esteem literally affects everything. How much money we earn, whose lives we live, what we do or do, what we do in the morning, what we do not love, what we want to do, what we want, public opinion.

"For example, most confident and decisive people work in business, but many neurology has been compromised by failure, objective economic reasons and subjective human factors, in which case the strategy is changed. "Fear of anxiety and destruction can make mistakes and sometimes be fatal."

As expected, netizens were also indifferent.

In the early part of this painting, which emerged because of her fame, she posed in a unusual way in her husband's arms.

As it became known, star couples were invited to the Ukraine magazine L & # 39; I took a glossy page of OFFICIEL. At the same time the problem is already on sale. However, Slava decided to plot by publishing her husband and only two bright photos.

In addition, the author has previously posted photographs of her husband, plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. Because everyone is nervous. The glorious fan, Kaminsky, was delighted with this wonderful family photo and praised the comment and fell asleep to the writer. Many admire Kaminski's character and she is the mother of two children. Some do not rule out that her husband, Edgar Carminski, works in the body of glory.

Glory Kaminsky's man has "distorted" the patient. It is difficult to believe such a reincarnation.

As Politeka reported, Slava Kaminska radically changed the image.

Politeka also wrote that "NonAngels" Slava showed "pistils and stamens".

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