Tuesday , May 30 2023

Mercedes-Benz has started production of Hydrogen Electric Vehicle / News / Finance.ua.


Mercedes-Benz has started producing unique hybrid cars. GLC F-Cells can operate on both electricity and hydrogen.

The first car model is already received by customers selected in the German market. These include national and local departments, Air Liquide, H2 Mobility, Deutsche Bahn, German Railways and others. For private companies and other customers, cars can be ordered in the spring of 2019.

Mercedes-Benz GLC The F-Cell has two 4.4-kg hydrogen tanks that can be filled in 3 minutes. In hydrogen, the power reserve of the car is 430 km, and the 13.5 kWh battery provides additional power reserve of 51 km.

Hydrogen plug-in hybrid GLC The F-Cell has several modes of operation.

  • Hybrid – Cars consume energy in both energy sources. Optimal cost distribution is achieved between these two energy sources.
  • F-Cell – The battery conserves charge, the fuel cell operates, and this mode is ideal for long-distance travel.
  • Battery – Electric vehicles are battery operated only and are ideal for short distances.
  • For example, charge charging mode where battery charging takes precedence to maximize battery charge prior to the nearest hydrogen charge or to preserve power.

The energy recovery system works in all modes, so energy can be restored during deceleration.

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