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Monica Bellucci accidentally showed her leg (picture)

Monica Bellucci, an eternal Italian film actor, stumbles by accident on the streets more than she ever wanted.

Report on Daily Mail.

According to witnesses, the wind threw a 54-year-old actress skirt and exposed her slender legs to the world. In the film "7 Years of Itching", Marilyn Monroe reminds me of a famous scene.

In this weather, Monica, dressed in a black and red dress torn in her thighs, had difficulty observing humility. It did not take long to utilize the paparazzi. The picture is taken from the Italian city of Sabaudia.

Reporters also wondered who the star's companion was. The actress is currently dating 36-year-old artist Nicolas Lefevre. However, the man accompanying her was certainly not him.

Monica Bellucci, 54, was reported to have been published with a young bearded gentleman.

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