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Real Madrid fail to defeat Leganes –

Ukrainian goalkeeper Andrei Lunin could not participate in the fight due to lease terms, but without his help, the partner scored a draw against a prominent opponent (1: 1).

Leganes - Real Madrid, Getty Images

Leganes – Real Madrid, Getty Images
April 15, 2019 23:53

As you know, one of the duel between Real Madrid and Atlético can not claim the proud name of the Spanish capital Derby. Another club in Madrid, Leganes, has its own opinion on the designation of a rule against "creamy" clubs. So the 32nd round of the "Elite" national championship match between Spain and Spain took place on the lawn of the stadium "Estadio Municipal Butarque".

Zinedine Zidane was a little lucky if it was appropriate. In fact, it would be very difficult to imagine Real Madrid in the process of overcoming the long-term consequences of his game, while participating in additional tournaments except for La Liga.

But here again, the "royal" club is not that simple. Rival's first defeat in Zidane's re-election forced him to think in this direction in Valencia. You have to compete with one of the competitors in the Europa League to see the fears of the fans of the current Champions League trophy, or to encourage further hopes that the season is over.

Unfortunately, goalkeeper Andrei Lunin did not have a chance to take part in the show. These are the lease terms between Real and Leganes. Cuellar was once again framed and during the game he did his best to justify the part of the head coach he received.

There were not too many moments on the door of the first-half home team, but Real could reach the final strike. Then it was impossible to manage without the expense of the gate "pepineros". Ivan came to the end in 10 minutes with Marco Asensio's socks.

How was Navas doing in the meantime? It is not immediately known that the goalkeeper's goalkeeper has interfered with the goal line. Some players harassed Brightwaith's heading in a very difficult situation. The striker fought goalkeeper Varan and tried to close the feed from the left back to the back of the head or back. In any case, the target did not hit.

At the end of the first half, Leganes defended his opponent in the break. Bustins took Dunlop from the side on the right side and sent the ball to the other penalty area, and Brightwayt stepped on the opponent successfully and gave Silva his pass. There was no time to think about execution, and the midfielder struck the inside of his foot for execution in the left foot corner. As a result, after a while Navas could not prepare for such an event, and the accuracy of the strike became extremely high.

The second half of the fight seemed like a desperate drama, but Cuellar's attempts remained intact. From the whistle to the resumption of the meeting, the Madrid club has already rushed to play the missing ball. And almost immediately the score on the board became equal again. Luka Modric was the unlucky victim and could not continue the game, so Benzema's finish was met by the reaching hands of the keeper. On his first attempt, Karim did not break through, but no one of his opponents could prevent the finish from him, but the goalkeeper could not attempt another attack.

Lebanese received two dangerous blows of "Cream", worthy of leading the team in the offensive of Marcelo and Aschenso. Lebanese responded with long possessions at the end of the main time, which did not lead to dangerous at the door of Navas. As a result, 1: 1 – Real Madrid can not fall behind in the Spanish capital skeleton, but this result is not dangerous when Zidane's team is in the current draw.

In the next round, Real Madrid should play their own game in Bilbao. Leganes will go to Villarreal to play with the Shijo club. Perhaps Lunin will have at least a chance to get into the starting line-up against the team in the game.

Leganes – Real Madrid 1: 1
goal : Silva, 45 – Benzema, 51

Leganes: Cuellar – Nyom, Bustins, Omeruo, Siovas, Silva – Vesga (Recio, 85), Perez, Erazo (El Zhar, 70) – Carrillo (En Neziri, 64), Brightwaite.

Real Madrid : Navas – Carvajal, Varan, Nacho, Marcelo – Valverde, Casemiro, Modric – Isco (Vazquez, 77) Benzema, Asencio (Veil, 81).

warning : Carvajal, Asensio, Valverde.

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