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Samsung has started to develop a display that does not get caught with hidden cameras.

Another flagship Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S10 +, was the first device in the company's history to feature OLED displays with holes in the front camera. Despite its apparent simplicity, it was a major technical challenge for the company to make holes in the display, completely seal all connections, and assemble the blocks with defective electronic boards on the perforated areas, and it was an appropriate response. However, in the future it will simplify production and in aesthetics Samsung will still not provide any OLED screens that can completely close the front camera and not affect the quality of the shot.

Samsung Electronics shared with Yonghap, vice president of display for Samsung Mobile Communications R & D Group, plans to make OLED screens transparent to the front camera. According to him, the ability to hide the sound from the meeting, the camera and the display for the smartphone will appear within 1-2 years. With the advent of these displays, you can create true full-screen devices without cuts, holes, and frames. The head of this department believes that such smartphone owners will be able to use these devices to gain new and better experiences.

The developer representative also acknowledged that he plans to produce displays and dynamics similar to those produced by the company. This technology is a crystal sound OLED (Crystal Sound OLED), which can sound instead of a speaker. Using Crystal Sound OLED, LG launches TV and prepares a fun G8 ThinQ smartphone for sale. As we see, Samsung will not give up to this competitor.

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