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Savchenko and Ruban were released.

Savchenko and Ruban were released.

Photo: Nadezhda Savchenko / Facebook

Sabchenko was released.

On Tuesday night, April 16, Chenncecchó and Lebane had their regular period of arrest.

On Tuesday night, April 16, Brovary City District Court decided to release Nadezhda Savchenko, a representative of the people, and his predecessor, Vladimir Ruban, of the "Officers' Corps" Prisoners Liberation Center.

At midnight, the regular period of their detention. Because the defendant was released, the court had no time to consider the prosecution office petition for prolonging the arrest. The court ruling in the court was applauded.

"I come out of this room as a free man, I have regained my will and will fight for Ukraine," Sabeckenko said.

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Video: Vera Savchenko / Facebook

His father is suspected of preparing for a terrorist attack in Barkhovna Rada and the government quarter. She is also accused of preparing to attempt an assassination of President Petro Poroshenko with President Luigi.

On March 22, 2018, Verkhovna Rada agreed to arrest and detain Savchenko as criminal responsibility. Savchenko and Ruban were arrested. In August 2018, a preliminary investigation into the criminal proceedings against Ruban and Savchenko was completed.

The Savchenko case and the Ruban case were first referred to the Slavyansky City district court of the Donetsk district and were referred to the Chernigovsky district court, the Solomensky district court, the Darnitsky district court of Kiev. On April 12, the Kiev Court delegated this case to the Brovary City District Court in the Kyiv region.

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