Friday , August 12 2022

Scientists recorded the "song" of dawn on Mars.


The scientists at the University of England Ruskin created a soundtrack for the dawn of Mars 5,000 years ago and were photographed by Opportunity rover. It uses Eurek alerts.

To convert the snapshot to music, the researchers scanned the color and brightness from right to left pixel by pixel to match information about the relief of the Mars terrain. We then used an algorithm to assign a specific tone or melody to each image. For example, a quiet, slow sound corresponds to a dark background, and a loud and loud sound corresponds to a solar disk.

"Image sonification is a truly flexible way of studying scientific data and can be used in a variety of areas such as studying specific changes in the surface and atmosphere of a planet, analyzing weather changes, or detecting volcanic eruptions." Domenico Dr. Vicinza says.

Remind them that Chance Rover will not contact us on June 10, 2018, since the Mars rover started a severe dust storm on Mars and the environment became less transparent and the unit could not charge the solar panel.

Now the storm has sunk and the transparency of the atmosphere is normal, but the rover is still in power save mode. According to NASA, all rover solar panels are contaminated with sand and dust.

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