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Sergey Leshchenko Parliament Nastya Prikhodko: "We should learn how to reject an interview"


Sergey Leshchenko Parliament Nastya Prikhodko: You have to learn how to reject an interview.

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Anastasia Prikhodko fled the first political broadcast.

Anastasia Prikhodko, a singer and now a politician, joined Yulia Tymoshenko 's party and was the first to hold a television interview in a new role. She became a guest of "Rendezvous" program on "Channel 5". O'Day can go to the piggy bank of "boring conversations with politicians," and if the actress does not rebel against him, he can not get a resonance.

Presenter Yanina Sokolova asked Prikhodko as an ally of politician, Batkivshchyna Party member and Yulia Tymoshenko. But the painter was not ready. "I am not an economist." "I am not a gas expert. My vector is social policy." "I have not understood this question yet," Prikhodko said.

Deputy Sergei Leshchenko told the KP of Ukraine that Prikhodko's mistake and what novice politicians should know.

The situation is not an addition.

"Channel 5" is a major contender for Yulia Tymoshenko and her team Petro Poroshenko. "Says KP, MP Leshchenko of Ukraine.

They have long been no longer a symbol of revolution but a master's tool to accomplish the goal. And Anastasia Prikhodko must understand this by agreeing to the interview. So preparing for a conversation – informally or psychologically. Ready to attack.

Once I was one of the projects on Channel 5. The organizer talked for an hour to create a story around me. Journalists were not interested in my position on specific political issues. It was more fun to exaggerate the topics that can blacken me.

What should Prikhodko do?

"First of all, Prikhodko had to talk to competent people," continues Sergey Leschenko. – Second, I learn to refuse an interview on a subject I do not yet understand.

I remember my first interview as a politician. Of course, I was nervous because I was a political reporter, but there was a subject I was interested in.

But I will say that everything in this field is gained only by experience. There is no vocational education for politicians of our latitude other than special schools. And in general, politics is not a profession. There are various singers in the Congress who express the emotion of the public. Therefore, Prikhodko can not say that he did not receive enough training to answer certain questions in the journalist.

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"KP" in "Ukraine" spoke with the creator Prikhodko. Denise Putinsof.

– We had to prepare an interview with Nastia, but we did not teach it. I smoothed that energy and too radical statements and sent them in the right direction. I fixed a few words because Nastya did not always understand what she was saying. Prikhodko spoke like a philistine and I tried to change her statement because she was a journalist.

It is strange that political forces such as "Batkivshchyna" can penetrate such holes from the point of view of this incomprehensible person. This incomprehensible person walked around Nastia in an interview and introduced himself as a "Ukrainian citizen". Obviously, this is a consultant, but why did you do that in the finals knowing that the recording is going on?

This is a stupid omission of "Batkivshchyna" or specially drained. I realized she was looking for politics and warned that she could use it. Nastya is a very open and emotional person. This interview is one of the smart movements and merge of Prikhodko, or the foolish movements and skips of Batkivshchyna management.

We all remember Nadezhda Savchenko. We need some sort of hero, a figure that distracts attention from other underwater influences. Remembering Sachchenko can be a political guess. "

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