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Snow blitz in Kovalevka. Ukraine U-21 wins Northern Ireland


Tuesday, November 17, 2020 turned out to be very eventful for our country’s football community. On this day, we tried to see the fights of two age categories of Ukrainian football players all at once, but the COVID-19 coronavirus hit the Ukrainian national team and their ambitions to play against Switzerland on time. However, even recorded disease cases could not be canceled at home by a youth team with colleagues in Northern Ireland. Ruslan Rotan’s team made their final appearance in an unsuccessful qualifying round for the European Championship 2021.

The Kiev region was affected by heavy snow this evening. Kovalevka also suffered from the weather, and the new Kolos stadium had to pass snow tests for the first time. Agricultural economists did their best, but nature turned out to be more persistent. The amount of snow that is regularly replenished has had a significant impact on athletes’ behavior on the field throughout the match.

However, Rotan’s team tried a small pass even in such a difficult situation, but the opposing team gave up this venture until the end of a quarter of the game time and switched to a ride pass into the penalty area. The game looked like pieces and the order was similar to the position of the team name on the scoreboard. Ukraine shot three dangerous moments in the 23rd minute, but rival goalkeepers did not allow Kuharevich to score twice, and once again Moons rushed to Lviv “Rukh” striker from close range.

The guest made only one serious attack. Trubin made two consecutive blows before leaving for break, and his opponent took a corner kick from the right flank. Our goalkeeper easily coped with the threat, and the referee did not let the referee run away with a counterattack. He didn’t want the extra 1 second to be in the field either. And you can understand it! The Northern Irish simply ran their heads into the room under the stand.

Our team went so hard in the second half that the opposing team led the attack most of the time before the end of the match, and even accidentally hit the left post of our goal while Lavery served from the right flank cut off the foot. . This was the only moment it was safe for the whole game to say that goalkeeper Trubin made a mistake in the episode.

However, the six-minute percussion instrument that began in the 68th revolution of the second hand allowed Ukraine to score significant points on the scoreboard. The scenario for a guest duel with Romania was repeated, but this time our team did not allow it.

Baboglo’s rival collapsed after completing the first corner kick from the left flank with a header in the fall. Another canopy of Stetskov on the same side of the field-in a jump on the far side, Isaenko completed, and two minutes later Kukharevich took advantage of the goalkeeper’s fuzzy moves. The goalkeeper, bewildered by a failed passback from his partner on the left flank, kicked the ball into the net of an empty goal. Outside the penalty area. And everything will be fine. It was only necessary to play in the first meeting on the opponent’s field in the same style.

When the referee’s three whistle of the meeting, the Ukrainian youth team’s path to the 2021 European Championships in Hungary and Slovenia was officially completed. Unfortunately, the winners of the 2019 World Cup in Poland under the leadership of Ruslan Rotan did not realize their potential for the first time, but their path in “adult” football has just begun. I look forward to your next try.

European Championship U-21. Qualification. Group stage. Group H. 10 rounds.

Ukraine U-21-Northern Ireland U-21-3: 0

Stupid glow, 68, Isaenko, 70, Kukharevich, 74

Baboglo, 7, Brazhko, 41, Stetskov, 53-Toul, 31, Boyd-Muns, 57, Bansal-McNolti, 86, McCalmont, 89

Ukraine U-21: Trubin-Dubinchak (D. Kravchuk, 78), Snurnitsyn, Baboglo, Yakimets-Vantukh, Brazhko (Biloshevsky, 87), Yarmolyuk (Mikhailenko, 90)-Isaenko, Shevtsov (Stetskov, 46), Kukharevich (A. Kravchuk, 87) .

Northern Ireland U-21: Webber-Amos, Brown, Toal, Merron-Bansal-McNolty, Boyd Muns, McCalmont, Ham-O’Neill, Lavery.

arbitrator: Rauf Jabarov (Azerbaijan).

Stadium: “Kolos” (Kovalevka village).

Shooting (Target): 10 (5)-5 (2)
Corner: 4-7
Offside: 3-5.

Ukraine U-21- Northern Ireland U-21. Online broadcasting of Gyeonggi

Temperature: -1°C

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