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St. Andrew's Church officially moved to permanent use of Constantinople – Society


Kiev, November 10th. / Tass /. On Saturday, the law concerning the transfer of St. Andrew Church in Kiev centering on the permanent use of the Archbishop of Constantinople came into effect.

"The law comes into effect on the day of publication," the law says. This document appeared in the official publication of Verkhovna Rada "Voice of Ukraine" on November 9th.

According to the law, the Church is transferred to the "permanent permanent use" of the Archbishop of Constantinople for the performance of religious services, rituals, rituals and processions. The use of St. Andrew's Church by the Archbishop of Constantinople is carried out in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.

St. Andrew's Church is a church architectural monument built in Russian baroque style. It was built at the request of Empress Elizabeth Petrova. Built by the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1749-1754 by the project. The construction was led by Moscow architect Ivan Michurin. According to the legend, the apostle Andrew once predicted the appearance of a large Christian city, setting up a cross on the site of the church. The service was held during a visit to the Kiev royal family. In September 1968, the church became a museum. It was closed for restoration in 1992-2000.

In May 2008, at the time, the Secretary General of Viktor Yushchenko decided to move St. Andrew's Church from the balance of the Sofia Kievskaya National Reserve to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UAOC). Soon, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv's Patriarch expressed his claim to St. Andrew's Church, accusing the UAOC of the inability to maintain the proper form of the church. The church was closed for reconstruction but still ongoing, and the UAOC's president, Makarii, served on the church stairs.

St. Andrew's Church is part of the Sofia Kyivskaya National Reserve. The media ministry's media agency said it will remain a state-owned state in connection with the relocation of the church to the Patriarch of Constantinople and will continue to maintain the balance of the reserves, and an agreement on the use of the memorial will be signed with the patron's representative.

Self-assessment course

The Archbishop of Constantinople announced the start of the process of granting autism to the Church in Ukraine at the October 9 and 11 plenary sessions. He overturned the decision of 1686 to relocate the metropolis of Kiev to the jurisdiction of the Moscow General Supervisor and announced the restoration of Stavropygy (status under the bishop of Constantinople) in Kiev. Decided to remove the curse from the head of two non-formal churches, Filaret of Kiev Archbishop and Macarius of Otto Efaltz Church in Ukraine.

In response to these actions, the Russian Orthodox Congress decided on October 15 that it would be impossible to sustain the Eucharist (Constitutional Service) with Constantinople.

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