Thursday , March 30 2023

The photos showed a new Mercedes E-Class coupe during the test


While testing, the redesigned Mercedes Bens E-Class coupe was spotted.

The performance of the E-Class coupe's front optics follows the style of the brand's latest model. The taillights also received the E-Class All-Terrain style.

Two test samples hide the front bumper and even hide the front and rear optics. Apparently, the familiar and universal shape of the body design is likely to be caused by the rear, similar to the S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet. Experts, however, can not predict the outward appearance of the model given that the styled C-Class and S-Class have only minor modifications. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe is expected to go on sale by 2020, assuming the sedan is first introduced, the next station wagon is introduced, and coupe and convertible are introduced thereafter.

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