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The US Embassy has issued a warning regarding the "Corps" planned at the Kiev meeting.

Regarding the national troop meeting in Kiev, the US Embassy advised citizens to avoid the masses and protests, be prepared to stop the streets, follow the law enforcement agency's orders and track information to the media.

On March 15, the US Embassy in Ukraine sent a warning message to citizens in connection with the rally of the national army delegation announced in Kiev on March 16.

"On March 16, the Ukrainian nationalist group is planning to protest at the Independence Square, which is linked to violence and social unrest, including clashes with police, the report said.

The embassy recommended that citizens be prepared to avoid public and demonstrations, stop the streets, follow law enforcement guidelines, and track information in the media.

On March 15 National Corpus announced that it will hold a new rally at Independence Square in Kiev. Ukrainian authorities demanded the punishment of participants for the corruption scandal of the Ukrainian National Guard.

On March 9, clashes broke out near the presidential administration among law enforcement officials and rallies of nationalist groups demanding the arrest of a person involved in corruption scandals. Former Orelg Gladkovsky (Svinarchuk) Deputy National Defense Deputy and his son Igor Igor.

National Legion delegations gathered in the square near the Palace of Culture Peace of Peace in Cherkasy. The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, talked about the same need. The law enforcement officer said that during the departure of Poroshenko, a representative of the National Corps had fought against the national squadron, fired gas and stimulated civilians and police.

According to the National Police Agency, three law enforcement officers from the Chief of the Chief Cabinet have appealed to the doctors by 22 police officers at Cherkassy and 19 were hospitalized. Among the injured law enforcement officials in Cherkassy are Valery Lyuty, Cherkasy Regional Police Commissioner.

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