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To celebrate his birthday, Tina Karol's son recorded a funny song.


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Before his birthday, the boy recorded the song "Batman, let 's dance".

On Sunday November 18th Tina Karol is one of the most popular singers in our country and participated in the project "Stars with stars2018" by Tina Karol: her son Benjamin, Happy Birthday. Venia decided to give a gift to her and her mother's fans and recorded a funny song "Batman, let's dance!". Instagram's weird Benjamin has been posted on her mom's fan page.

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The publication says, "Today Benjamin, son of Tina Karol, is 10 years old! Children 3 "Tina confessed that her son would record a dance composition and call it" Batman, and dance. "" Http:// ".

It is worth noting that the song is simple. This song is "We are worried about you." Pleasant mood brings pleasure with play, frame and funny attitude. Pleasant Tina Karol leaps into the beat of music. (The frame was taken from the video program "Voice. Children".)

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Tina's fans were not indifferent to this video and had many positive comments and congratulations.

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For reference, Tina Karol gave birth to Benjamin in 2008 in Yevgeny Ogir's wife (died in 2013).

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