Wednesday , April 14 2021

Ukraine Film won the European Parliament Luxe Award

Today at 11:12

Ukraine Film won the European Parliament Luxe Award<! –


Painting Mountain Woman: I was honored with a prize for the war on topics related to European society.
The Ukrainian movie Mountain Woman: In War, won the European Parliament LUX Award. This is reported on the website of the European Parliament.

Tape is a joint product of Ukraine, Iceland and France. It is dedicated to a 50 year old heroine Harle who lives in Iceland.

In the story, the heroine is engaged in music and suffering from environmental pollution during free time. Therefore, the high-voltage line moving to the aluminum factory is shut down regularly.

The hero's life changes sharply after adoption of an orphan girl in Ukraine.

In addition to the Mountain Woman, Wolfgang Wolfgang Fisher (Germany, Austria) and documentary <밀라 툴라 이리치 (Mila Turailich)> (Serbia, France, Qatar).

Chairman Antonio Tajani of the European Parliament said, "This film deals with three important themes for the future of Europe: the risks associated with radical nationalism, the immediate action and migration to preserve the environment. It is a need to solve.

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