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Upcoming meeting with one of the

Kiev's chief director shared his opinion on the upcoming fight with "Norsner".


14 September 2019 01:50

UPL battles resume after the national team's match ends. Thus, Sunday, September 15, Dynamo will play Desna. Alexei Mikhailichenko mentioned the state of the team after returning from the national team.

"Our collection has returned to places in other states. Some have practiced, others have not, some have lost, others have lost. But this situation always happens after an international pause. So our The training was divided into two parts: the most important thing is to unite, switch from the problem of the national team to club work, and adjust to the dynamo wave. You have to greet and therefore we need to focus on this task. Club official website.

Director Dynamo believes that the fight against Chernihiv is very important for the team and the opponent will be perfectly prepared.

"The next game with Desna is very important for us in the sense of psychology and tournaments. Oddly enough, we will meet one of the leaders who focused on the upcoming game, especially in the 10-day training camp in Turkey. "This situation was possible. But for Dynamo, a similar situation is familiar when a large number of players are called teams of different ages and countries. And I want to say that this is a pleasant responsibility. "

Alexei Mikhailichenko ruled out Desna's underestimation and complained that the previous two games were difficult.

“Everyone saw it and people felt how difficult it was for us to play with Olimpik and Zorya. Desna stood very high in the rankings and started very well. As you can see, the Chernihiv team got the most points. Ready and played. "

The fight between Dynamo and Desna on Sunday, September 15, is scheduled for 17:00. on Online text broadcasting is available.

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