Friday , September 24 2021

Arsenal News: Unai Emery says location Alexandre Lacazette should play Didier Deschamps | Football | sports

Arsenal's Hitman Lakajet has enjoyed Arsenal's great season under the supervision of Emer Wenger's pitcher Emery.

The French national team has scored six goals in 14 appearances at all competitions so far in 17 matches of last season.

Arsenal have found the position of Rakajet to be a problem.

Deschamps believes he better adapts as a striker, not as a winger.

He said: "The lacquer is in the axial direction [central] Hitter.

"He has already evolved from his club to another place.

"But it is on the axis. [leading the line] He is in his strongest position. "

Arsenal sometimes moved Lacazette to accommodate the scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

However, the duo seem to maintain close ties in the field or away.

Recently, Lacazette argued that there was no competition between the two advances.

"Really, it should not be for me." Lakajet asked Sky Sports if there was a competition between the two.

"When Auba scored 40 goals and went into the Champions League, we got something.

"There is no competition like who scored more goals on the weekend.

"Maybe it's better to improve, but you might not train on the weekend.

"We work naturally and funly and laugh."

Lacazette replaced Anthony Martial in the French team, but decided to withdraw Deschamps' preparations.

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