Tuesday , May 30 2023

Brexit Potential to Decline Economic Growth: Sturgeon


Nicola Sturgeon will once again emphasize that Britain will require Britain to remain a part of the single market and tariff alliance when it is mentioned later in the Economic Forum.

The first Secretary of Scotland will speak of an incident in Dundee that Branchit is likely to reduce economic growth in any form.

She is expected to inform the delegation that leaving a single market will "cause tremendous damage" to Scottish jobs and standard of living.

"The British government can potentially put Scotland at a competitive disadvantage by refusing to consider the specific plans of the Scottish government to keep Scotland in a single market and by accepting differentiated solutions to the Northern Ireland we support.

"But perhaps in the worst case, everyone will be completely uncertain about the long-term relationship with the EU.

"The seven-page political statement on the future has little ambiguous aspiration and decisiveness.

But we can expect more pages to come from some aspects of the future, but there is no concrete conviction. "

The Scottish Government's National Economic Forum is a regular event attended by industry and public sector and trade union ministers and dignitaries to discuss the best way to grow the Scottish economy.

If the British government insists on leaving the EU, it must remain in a single market and tariff alliance.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

She would say: "Brazenly, long-term economic uncertainty is hard to negotiate with the prime minister.

"If the British government insists on leaving the EU, it must remain in a single market and tariff alliance.

"This is a solution to respect the results of the referendum, to mitigate Brexit's worst economic consequences and to resolve the Irish border issue.

"If Brexit moves forward, it will reduce economic growth in any form.

"But it does not devalue our broader efforts to support the business, and it actually makes such efforts even more important."

On Sunday, Stutter said SNP MPs would vote against the prime minister's EU withdrawal plan.

She said in a deal with the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that it lacks clarity about future relations with Britain and the EU, and Commons said it would be asked to hold "Brexit".

"If we say we want to take the path of a single market and a tariff alliance, we need more time to bring it back to other people in the UK," Sturgeon said. An extension to Article 50 is required for the right to vote. I think the EU 27 is ready to review this if it changes course.

"But that means people who do not want this deal to be together.

"Those who do not think the Prime Minister's negotiations are the right direction are now responsible for gathering together alternatives.

"I will be putting this place in discussion with other parties this week."

She also said that when she visited London on the coming day she would like to talk to the House of Commons leader, Jeremy Corbyn, "whoever".

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