Saturday , June 3 2023

Britain is ahead in European technology.


The UK has consistently led the way in funding its European technology sector in terms of start-ups that attract investment and UK-based investors who foster the exciting talent of the continent.

According to a new figure released recently by Stripe, and Techstars last three days, UK start-ups accounted for nearly a quarter of the initial investment in Europe in the last three years . It provided £ 79 billion (£ 690 million) to the UK in the first six months of 2018.

British fintech start-ups have raised the continental best performing segment led by Monzo, Revolut and Transferwise to € 8.3 million since 2015. Germany, the next big market, is less than half the amount € 402m in motivation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the state of the art in the UK, did not fall far behind, as confirmed by the fact that Britain doubled the number of AI companies compared to France and Germany.

London has also strengthened its role as Europe's top city for high-tech activity bubbling hosting more high-tech events than Paris, Berlin, Dublin and Amsterdam.

Meanwhile, according to a study released today by Dealroom and Tech Nation, the UK is working hard to fund startups in Europe.

More than one-fifth of the amount invested in European start-ups last year came from investors who invested in UK touring investments than other UK investors.

Likewise, Britain donated 10% of Europe's $ 26 billion (20 billion pounds) of funds in 2017, while Germany has overtaken its next big competitor by adding 8%.

"Britain is a haven for technological investment, and excellent investors have helped to spread success nationwide and bring new jobs, wealth and productivity improvements," said Digital Margo James.

"By creating a new future outside the European Union, we will be the best place in the world to maintain a leading position in the continent's technology sector and to start and grow our digital business."

Eileen Burbidge, founder of Passion Capital, a venture capital firm, says, "This figure shows that the UK will continue to have strong relationships with companies on multiple technology hubs on the continent and globally."

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