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Covert Space Base, Found in the Moon – UFO Hunters' Amazing Demands | Strange | news

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that aliens live on the moon, but some conspiracy theorists still have confidence in the idea. And perhaps the latest image showing the base on the moon surface does not hinder the passion of those who support the alien-moon theory. The image appears to be partially covered with a large structure on the moon's satellite surface.

Scott C Waring, a prominent alien hunter, goes one step further and proposes a large structure of part-based spacecraft.

Waring wrote in the website ET database: "The angle of the structure is 90 degrees and you can see the amazing thickness.

"It's a combination of ship and building, it's not sporty or battle-bound, but it looks like it's mainly made of mobile homes that can move from planet to moon."

This is not the first time such structures have been found on the surface of the moon.

Some conspiracy theorists argue that the moon can be captured by aliens, which is why NASA has not returned since the Apollo mission ended in 1970.

They suspect that this pyramid and other anomalous discovery could be a monument built by ancient alien civilizations similar to the earth's pyramid and other structures.

Similar UFO hunters have found that they can be pyramids from other parts of Mars and the Moon.

One popular but far-fetched conspiracy theory claims that an excellent alien visited the pyramids to help them build their ancestors.

But skeptics and NASA have pointed out that the pyramid and other similar results are merely the effects of pareidolia. It is a psychological phenomenon that allows the brain to see the familiar object or shape of a pattern or texture like a rock surface.

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