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Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Practice Preview: Cloud, Battle & Concerns


We finally got to see it in the first few years of our first release on Xbox Live through Crackdown 3 multiplayer. First of all, I am pleased to report that the destruction of clouds is awe-inspiring, as if it were an early trailer. Our demonstration was not a closed network, it was running on the same Xbox network that we all use, and we can not deny that the technical performance is delivered.

Crackdown 3 multiplayer can only be placed on a gameplay system that lacks depth. Microsoft has emphasized that the game is four months from its launch since its debut in February 2019, so take the early feedback preview, not the final view of what the finished product will look like.

Despite some concerns, I exploded with the Wrecking Zone. Cloud-based physics rendering is amazing and has a broad impact on the future of gaming.

note : Unfortunately, our capture card seems to have lost color information in the export process. So some visuals of this work may look a bit strange. Crackdown 3 looks alive as described in all the trailers.

How the Wrecking Zone Works

Crackdown 3's multiplayer "Wrecking Zone" is divided into "Agent Hunter", which is similar to Kill Confirmed style game mode like Call of Duty. The Team Deathmatch combat area and self-sufficient combat to control large cube areas randomly scattered throughout the entire team are conducted on three large maps covered with massive high-rise buildings, high-performance jump pads and explosive clusters It's possible.

You can choose shapes through the 21 agent archetypes in your campaign. There are "many" weapons to choose from in the entire game, but the demo has hours of practice that include pistols, shotguns, rifles, gatling guns and explosives weapons designed to minimize environmental destruction. You can also equip various utility bonuses including overshield and hologram bait.

Crackdown 3 multiplayer is not related to fixture or muzzle shooting. Instead, the emphasis is firmly on exercise, environmental awareness, and tour circulation. The red line indicates when the enemy agent is fixed to you, and the gray line indicates when the line of sight is broken. Health is slowly regenerated over time, and it is a good idea to chase and shoot the enemy while wasting on buildings, towers and other forms of cover.

Crackdown 3's Wrecking Zone is also related to the story of the game. The agency is using the zone to train agents in "virtual" competitive city simulations, and Microsoft has not been ready to talk about its progress yet, but at the moment we hear that there are no looters or micro-trading plans.

good : Battles in the Cloud

First and foremost, Microsoft is clearly aware that Crackdown 3 ultimately provides Microsoft with the cloud-related jargon that day. Obviously the transient "cloud" is Halo 5 and A.I. Crackdown 3 is the first example of browsing cloud computing for real-time physics calculations using up to 12 Xbox One X consoles performance over an Internet connection.

The technical accolades Microsoft has achieved in Crackdown 3 can not be tempered.

The good news is that you do not need a high speed internet speed package to do this and you do not meet the data requirements that exceed the average multiplayer title. Crackdown 3 works the same way as any other multiplayer game you used before.

The technical accolades Microsoft has achieved in Crackdown 3 can not be tempered. In order to be able to render thousands of building blocks synchronized with all players in real time, you need to create a really cool gameplay mechanic.

As mentioned, Crackdown 3's gunshots are tightly tied. Double jumps, aerial rushes, and flying punches allow you to explore vertical awareness fairly quickly. Manipulating the terrain is an important part of the challenge. Should I avoid enemy locks? Smashes the walls and hides them on the other side of the building. Would you like to see an athlete passing through an overpass? Blow them down under them, creating a waterfall of falling debris in the process.

The unique dynamism of environmental destruction leaves a quick and sporty formula for game play, leaping to the toes, leaping up into the vault and crossing the city.

The game is an aggressive reward. If you leave someone open, they will be killed or killed. When the player slides behind the building, they switch to explosive weapons. An explosive weapon is too slow to attack a fast-moving player, but it can cause enormous environmental damage to the wall. While maintaining the classic crack down gameplay, overcharge power-ups are created throughout the map and are compensated for by the maximum out, triggered booster total damage, melee or explosive power.

It is a real pleasure to experience physical disruption on this scale. As a matter of fact, before the launch date of February 15, 2019, there is a concern about the game.

Notes: How deep is it?

My biggest concern for the Wrecking Zone is the lack of depth in the usual combat experience. Cloud destruction is fun and amazing to experience, but layered gameplay still requires a lot of work.

I have tested all possible weapons in my playout, including thrush guns, magnum pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns. The fact that the game eliminates the need to aim the lock on the system interferes with the feel of the weapon in some way. It is the first time that I can say that a "heavy" Gatling gun is almost indistinguishable from an assault rifle. The spin up time of the Gatling gun was the only thing that distinguished it from the gameplay perspective.

Since it feels like mastering the multiplayer after the third game, let me ask you about this type of longevity. I settled in a flow that jumped around and fired as soon as possible while exerting excessive defenses while under attack. The "overcharge" system is not really particularly interesting. Save for a brilliant effect on your character. Now is usually a little difficult. feeling Additional impact of your ability. I would like to see more research in this field.

Last thoughts: A promising future

While we are concerned about the most important gameplay experience in the Wrecking Zone, the impact on the cloud-based physics that Microsoft shows here is amazing. Imagine Halo Warzone mode in a destructible environment with hundreds of Gears of War Horde modes in dozens rather than dozens. Unfortunately for Crackdown 3, there is a problem. I am more excited about the possibilities for the future than we did.

In other words, Crackdown 3 is only four months from the time it was written for debut on February 15, 2019. The towering environment Created by Ruffian Games and other collaborators of Crackdown 3 for the game, this game has been made more exciting when it explodes with explosive exploding. I just hope that it does not get stuck on the multiplayer system so it can not be removed from the multiplayer system. At least for now at least. Infectious funPotentially you may lose power.

It is true that we have not seen much of the weapons or progressive mechanics, but I feel optimistic. What should we see in the Wrecking Zone?

Crackdown 3 aims to launch on February 15, 2019 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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