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Diabetes is not a joke. Reduce the chewing taste associated with sugar.


Nadine Pedersen, mother of teenagers with type 1 diabetes, told CBC's The Early Edition that they broke stereotypes about this disease and talked about stopping sugar-related jokes.

I was sending my 13 – year – old son, Hudson, who was suffering from type 1 diabetes, to school on Wednesday morning to inform CBC Radio about how Diwali 's sweets would cause diabetes.

Hudson and I both looked at each other and groaned because this sort of comment was so common.

It is a common mistake to make a joke that someone does not know very well. It just makes you sigh.– Hudson Carpenter

Hudson has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 8, resulting in people who are not in good health to eat poorly.

In fact, Type 1 diabetes is not related to diet. It is an incurable, life-threatening, supernatural immune immune disorder.

People develop type 1 diabetes after the immune system is compromised and kill insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Without insulin, people die because the body can not convert food into energy.

Living with Type 1

To survive, Hudson must stab his finger to do a blood test several times a day.

He is connected to the insulin pump 24 hours a day and has a continuous glucose monitor in his arm.

Hudson needs to calculate carbohydrates for every job he puts in his mouth to properly administer insulin.

In the middle of the night we often try to stop low blood sugar or high blood sugar. One of them can be fatal.

It's scary because you might fall asleep and never happen. It is every night.– Hudson Carpenter

To increase awareness of diabetes, you may post blue candle photos from one of your social media accounts.

This candle marks the death of a child who died of diabetes. In the middle of the night, there are times when these children die because their blood sugar is low. In other cases, the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are misdiagnosed as the flu.

These children eventually fall into a coma and never come out.

As you might expect, this story is not very interesting.

Improper information

People do not think what they are actually saying, but reflex as a diabetic joke.

They do not realize that they are making this joke and putting out erroneous information about really complex and difficult diseases.

Some people associate type 2 diabetes with people who are overweight, so they feel like joking about diabetes is "OK". Fat shaping is one of the last areas where mockery and teasing others can be accepted.

Obviously this is also unacceptable. Also imprecise – people are thin and active and still can develop type 2 diabetes.

It's been a long time since I started breaking stereotypes about diabetes.

Cold-hearted opinions and jokes about diabetes are very common in our society. When you listen to them, you begin to notice them.

Hudson and I always notice them.

Nadine Pedersen, a son with type 1 diabetes, says many people are stigmatized on the assumption that all diabetes is a poor diet. In fact, his son's condition is an autoimmune disease that is life threatening. 7:19

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