Thursday , August 22 2019
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E3 2019: Free copy of Cyberpunk 2077


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One of the decisive moments of E3 2019 occurred at a Microsoft press conference when Keanu Reeves was out of action and talking about Cyberpunk 2077. During an address in his speech on the "breathtaking" upcoming game, enthusiastic fan Peter Sark asked back. "You will not breathe!" The whole world cheered.

The moment attracted the attention of CD Projekt Red, and the developer learned from Sark that he had acquired the Collector's Edition of the game on Twitter. It is a good day in our book.

However, it turns out that Sark is not interested. Answering another tweet of the Cyberpunk account on compensation, he ordered the company to donate to a charitable organization close to his heart.

It is difficult to determine if there will be more to this exchange, but Sark seems to raise awareness of good reasons rather than accepting CD Projektred's proposal. Fair.

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