Sunday , January 29 2023

Expert, complex quantum-moving instantaneous experiment


Experts from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Science Academy of Science have made another leap to experiment with complex quantum systems.

Physicists around the world are struggling to increase the number of two-dimensional systems called qubit, and Anton Zeilinger's researchers are exploring new areas.

They pursue the idea of ​​using more complex quantum systems such as qubits to increase the data capacity to the same number of particles. The developed technology can enable the transfer of complex quantum systems in the future.

A study called "Experimental Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Entanglement Beyond QuBits" was recently published in Nature Photonics magazine.

Google and IBM are looking for ways to produce more and more tangled Qubits.

Qubits are similar to bits in an existing computer and are the smallest unit of data in a quantum system.

Technology giants such as Google and IBM are increasing the number of Qubits competing with research institutions around the world. Motivation is developing a working quantum computer.

A group of experts from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences has opened a new path to increasing the capacity of information in complex quantum systems.

What they do is increase the overall complexity of each system instead of increasing the number of particles in the process.

"The special thing about our experiment is that it entangles the three photons beyond the existing two-dimensional properties," said Manuel Erhard, the first author of the study.

The results of this study have been reported to have a profound impact on future technologies such as quantum teleport.

Erhard believes that the methods and techniques they could develop are essential for quantum communication networks. Here you can see the study.

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