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George Clooney says the new series Catch-22 has removed the "misogyny" he missed in the novel.


George Clooney, Hulu's furious adaptation of Joseph Heller's classic novels, Catch-22, Followed by Yossarian, a bombardier of Christopher Abbott. From fear of World War II, poor mental health attempted to return home.

Catch-22 It is. Though considered to be one of the best novels of the 20th century, it was indicted on the charges of sexism in the description of the woman Clooney mentioned while screening London 's limited series on May 15.

"The sound of that humor … I probably overlooked it because I have not read the novel for 40 years, and I probably should not have," Clooney said. Digital spy.

"So I just read the script and there was no script in the script. In fact, the nurse Nurse Duckett, played by cousin Tessa Ferrer, is the most moral person on the show. [the sexism] – The authors mentioned it long before I saw it. "

Christopher Abbott, Catch-22

Christopher Abbott, Catch-22

Philippe Antonello

Clooney plays the lieutenant of Scheisskopf who loves the parade from 1942 to 1944, and combines the cruelty and fear of war with cynical and cold humor.

"We've always considered horror stories as fun bits," the actor continued. "I do not think you can consider war in some kind of straight comedy, but you have a sense of humor.

This show, which will be broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK, enjoys the absurdity of war and the foolishness of bureaucracy. "It feels like we are having an uncertain time in our lives today," Clooney said.

"Throughout the world, really … I have a fairly enthusiastic president, so it was a very unreasonable time, and unfortunately I was never out of style, I am looking forward to becoming old fashioned."


Philippe Antonello

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As for Abbott's main accomplishments as a torture soldier who routinely deals with the death of his compatriots, he added: "Chris's incredible performance and really great support cast is a timeless novel that we wanted to see on screen."

Luke Davies, who wrote the script with David Michôd, explained in detail how he updated the script because of the contemptuous language used to portray women, which made women feel uncomfortable Kinds).

"We made a mission statement to make it more interesting to portray women's descriptions, not because we think that the power of the outside world should do it to us, but because we think the world has changed because of the depictions of women. He gave us a Herbie-geibi, "he explained.

Catch-22 It will be first public on Hulu in the United States on Friday (May 17) and will soon arrive in England on Channel 4.

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