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Is there any other Brexit voting time?

EU referendum

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What if there is a second EU referendum?

Brexit's latest delay has spurred a campaign for another EU referendum.

If you extend to October 31, there will be more time to file a case against the so-called People's Vote.

But if a referendum is held now and in the meantime, they need to quickly win the controversy.

Within weeks, the already challenging Halloween deadline will be a nightmare to meet.

It does not mean there can not be another referendum. Such voting will require more time.

  • The new Brexit deadline is set for October 31st.
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Additional UK requests for EU leaders to extend the Brexit process in accordance with Article 50 may be submitted and approved at the June summit.

Without it, the six-month period already granted gives the minimum time to organize a referendum that meets established standards.

The Survey Commission, a watchdog on elections and elections, is not keen on these things.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, the committee recommended that legislation be prepared six months before the referendum vote.

"This will give the election officials a plan and enough time for the campaigners to argue with the voters."

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In order for this test to pass, another vote in the EU by October will already have passed parliamentary passage.

Of course, the UK government and Congress should decide rather than Watchdog.

Bob Posner, the interim representative of the committee, said his team will work with the Constitutional Court to hold a referendum "in the longest possible time".

You can organize your referendum more quickly by taking the council's recommendations and accelerating the legislation process.

University College London Constitutional scholars have concluded that the minimum required time is 22 weeks.

They argued that reducing the time scale would raise questions about the legitimacy of the referendum.

They also acknowledged that this process could take longer in places where there is a major dispute in Congress.

  • Appeal to penalties breaking voting restrictions

The Election Commission may want to strengthen the rules for additional voting, rather than budget cuts in 2016.

The committee has created a "Recommendation to ensure voter transparency in relation to digital campaigns, real-time reporting of expenditures and the increase in sanctions that we can issue."

"If there is a legislation for referendums, we want to work with lawmakers to see these changes," the committee said.

Timetable for referendum

Despite these complex factors, let's take 22 weeks as a guide.

If the vote is held on the last Thursday before the end date of October 24, 2019, you must submit the legislation to Parliament by May 23.

(By coincidence, May 23 is the date written for the European Parliament elections in England.)

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This timetable will require a congressman to sit in August. In summer it is usually expected to take a break in two to three weeks.

A referendum campaign will conflict with the duration of the meeting.

There is also a week left to influence the referendum results.

If the decision remains in the EU, enough time is available to cancel Brexit.

If the referendum approves the starting conditions, there is little time for the UK and European Parliament to ratify the Brexit deal.

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Above all, this timeline suggests that supporters of the referendum will spend exactly one month to persuade the British government after the resumption of Parliament on April 23.

In fact, it will probably be less because civil servants need some time to write a referendum bill.

The 2016 ballot measure may be a useful starting point, but needs to be changed.

What would you like to hear from the referendum?

For example, the questions in 2016 will probably need to be different.

Voters were asked: "Should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?"

Perhaps future questions will need to refer to the withdrawal agreement. Mother Teresa negotiated with the EU.

It is necessary to refer to the political declaration on future relations to be proposed in the future, and it may change in the next few months.

Some people want to test public support for this package.

Others will want to exchange WTO provisions with a ballot without doing business with the EU member states.

Others prefer multi-option voting.

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Even if a basic agreement is reached, the referendum timetable may take longer than allowed.

If the process gets faster, you'll have to cut the edges.

The Election Commission will spend less time testing the clarity of the question or determining the official campaign group.

Those who advise on the referendum movement admit that "no one will hurt this step unfairly."

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House of Representatives

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SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford explained the lack of time with a "silly excuse" for not having a second referendum.

But politicians who are leading the way in releasing Brexit questions to the public are confident they can do it before the end of October.

Ian Blackford, a Westminster leader at the SNP in Commons, described the lack of time as "a foolish excuse."

He mentioned the pace of the referendum on the Scottish class since the 1997 general election.

The referendum took place in just 19 weeks after Tony Blair took power. But the situation was very different.

Then the Labor government was overwhelming and the referendum was a declarative promise.

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Media CaptionsVote for Scottish Shinto in archives

Today Theresa May does not have a majority in the Commons, and Tories and Labor are largely divided in Brexit.

The vote of confidence was held several years before the Election Commission (Election Commission) and a new campaign standard was set up.

The prime minister said he believes it is important to convey the results of the first round of voting.

  • Can Tory and labor agree on Brexit?

There is a continuing dialogue between her government and the Labor Party to find Brexit's compromise.

The Labor Party maintained a referendum on Brexit's likelihood list (another referendum) but did not create a red line in the negotiations.

The idea of ​​another referendum has not yet won a majority in Congress. When MPs last voted for the Brexit option it was defeated from 280 to 292.

If all the Laborers voted according to the party's instructions, they would have had a simple majority.

Even a few SNP MPs – so far – have suspended support.

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There may be more opportunities for parliamentary debate and will not require a change of seats to secure multiple seats.

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the prime minister will be able to overthrow the referendum and deepen the division of the Conservatives.

Of course, political will can do anything, and a large number of congressional votes on other referendums on the accelerated timetable may still emerge.

Unless changes in politics in Brexit occur within a few weeks, another referendum (if it happens) will almost certainly require more time.

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