Saturday , June 3 2023

Liverpool News: Arsenal's Fortune in Reds Call – Ian Wright | Football Sports


Alexandre Lacazette's 82nd minute equalizer forced James Milner to drill Reds at Emirates Stadium earlier.

Liverpool continued to lose 11 matches in the Premier League and slid the top of the table, but was likely to jump two points behind Manchester City's opponents – who are expected to beat Southampton today on the domestic ground (3 o'clock).

Jurgen Klopp's men had a great chance of winning the match in North London, with Virgil van Dijk knocking on the head and making Bernd Leno two good saves with a different opportunity.

But they were exhausted and particularly bad when they doubled the lead in the first half as Sadio Mane was replaced by Roberto Firmino from a shot from an empty net.

Mane was out in the first leg of the game when Trent Alexander-Arnold hovered a ball on Arsenal's back but the ball hit the ball.

This score was still 0-0 in the first half, Klopp later questioned: "I think it was a goal, I said this football 20 times, it is a pity that it does not matter. goal would have mattered. "

And the legend of Arsenal, Wright, admitted that the goal had to stop and that Arsenal had "brought luck".

He said Match of the Day: "Yes [hard done by].

– If we look here, he has his position here – he is in place [from the pass] but does not participate in it, but here [as Firmino shoots] clearly visible.

"So when he came out of the post, unfortunately Liverpool did not let go of the goal line and he was a nightmare for them.

"I guess Arsenal is lucky in this case."

But despite the official mistake, Wright believes Unai Emery's side is worth a point for their offensive approach.

"I thought Arsenal was under pressure because many people said that [unbeaten] that nobody played.

"Obviously they have lost City and Chelsea from the start, but I think many people have been wrong today because they came out and really went to Liverpool. I thought they deserved something.

In the meantime, Klopp felt that Liverpool was not good enough in the first half, saying: "It was very intense. It is clear that Arsenal is in a very good moment. In the first semester, we made our life a bit light, without formation I was not happy we were compact and they were.

"When it was the ball, it was a threat, we were in the back. The beginning was like" Wow, Arsenal, "but then our first attack, everyone knew," All right, not bad! "

"It was a fairly open game. We had great pieces and we should have shot it, and Virgil immediately after the game said he had to get a hat-tricks, but not one [goal]. It's a shame.

"In the second half, the formation has changed a bit, and it has helped us today. We got a great goal, we played super controversy, we played well in many moments.

"But in the first half we were not compact enough, we had to do a lot on the three midfields, and for the first time we did not close the half space, we went through the ball and we could score.

"It's not nice, but of course that a point at Arsenal will always be a very good result, so we buy. Now let's go on.

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