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Microsurface Headphone Review: All Glossy Styles

The person who grew up in MS with an old PC exclusive product that "coolly" does not know while walking in winter in northern Sweden has had some adjustments over the last few years. It is no exaggeration to say that Microsoft is one of the most daring and exciting hardware design companies in the tech world today. Surface Pro defined its own hybrid device category, and Surface Studio competed comparable to Apple's iMac. With a smarter set of ports, your Surface Laptop will be amazing.

In this context of design leadership, Microsoft's first headphones from the Surface team are called surface headphones. It is gray as expected from Microsoft earlier. But they are also filled with a neat design touch that distinguishes the new Microsoft. Even before you put a pair of hands on resentment them.

In particular, the Surface headphones are the first headphones specifically designed for carriers for digital voice assistants. Microsoft wants to use Cortana with Cortana, but it's also easy to talk to Google Assistant or Apple's Siri. Surface headphones are also designed for modern lifestyle. This includes noise cancellation (NC), tricky switching between multiple pairs of devices, and, of course, USB-C.

The $ 350 wireless front-facing headphone is matched by Apple's ever-popular Beats Studio 3 and Sony's stunning 1000X M3. This means that you need something special to make them stand out.


Score Score


  • Unique control dial
  • Stylish appearance and premium feel
  • Stunning wireless performance
  • Superior noise elimination


  • Comfort issues
  • Uncompetitive battery life
  • Lack of support for AptX, AAC, or LDAC for high quality
  • The sound lacks sophistication and treble.

What impressed most about surface headphones is that they may not be visible for a few days. Wireless performance is excellent. Literally, every other pair of wireless headphones is interfered by all metal products in the kitchen, so the surface cans maintain a stable connection to the iMac in the living room. With Surface headphones, you can listen to and cook your YouTube videos on the desktop across the apartment.

Microsoft does not offer advanced wireless protocols. The Surface headphone does not have AptX or AAC and supports Bluetooth 4.2, not the latest version 5. However, the stability and range of the connection is very good, so it is improved. Connecting surface cans to all devices is completely painful. It's easy to use on Windows laptops, Android phones, and just a few Macs. In addition, Microsoft's migration from one source to another is smooth and automatic. You can listen to music on my PC, call my phone, and go back to my PC. You do not have to ruin the settings or disconnect and reconnect everything.

Surface The design of the headphones reminds us of Bang & Olufsen. It means a sleek, minimalist appearance featuring aluminum yoke, iron headbands and high quality plastics. The finish of this headphone is really touching, complemented by a soft memory foam pad that melts around your ears. It would have been nice if Microsoft's design collapsed as Bose QC35s, Beats Studio 3 and Sony 1000X did. However, even with a harder look, the Surface headphones are suitable for powerful, compact colors. If they match.

I do not entirely love the fit and comfort of this headphone. Their clamping force is so strong that you can hold your head firmly, but it does not make you feel soft and touchy like the Sony 1000X M3. Surface headphones with a light, padded headband always apply pressure to the top of my head. It can be painful if I do not sit them perfectly. With good positioning, I would say that they do not think they are anymore good.

An absolutely favorite feature of surface headphones is the way you control volume and active noise reduction. The perimeter of each ear cup is a rotary dial, with the right handle volume (7 percent increase in Windows) and the left handle stepping through 13 different levels of NC. I want to feed each dial because the rotation is interesting because it has satisfactory friction. I am not exaggerating that this control method is the best, most natural, and most disappointing that a pair of wireless headphones provide.

The flat surface of each ear cup is a gigantic touch panel, and you can pause and resume music, tap twice to answer a call, or tap and hold for a few seconds to activate Cortana or your device's default voice helper. Siri on iPhone or Google Assistant on your Android device. I have never seen a fan of a touch-control device for a headphone cup, and this does not change to a surface can. My eavesdropping device is well recognized when I try to make it, but the problem is badly detected. Each time you pound your headphones while holding your head in your hand, you start tapping six times accidentally.

To get extra techie points, Microsoft implemented the automatic pause and resume feature by removing the headphones from the listener's head. During a call, it is automatically muted and unmuted. This auto-off feature has always been met or missed on over-ear headphones (far superior to true wireless buds like AirPod). Microsoft is not doing much in the competition. The company tells you that the detection system is capacitive and has a sensor inside the ear cup, for example, if you put a headphone on your neck, you can fool the system.

The best way to summarize the sound of the Surface Headphones is with the car speakers. This realization came to me while I was listening to Urbandawn 's. Gothenburg cluster, It is a fast paced exhibition of heavy beating electronic beats. It is seen as a huge part of the bass through the surface headphones. It is a bloated and beautiful bass. Last summer I borrowed Nissan Qashqai and enjoyed insufficient music in the original music.

In an ideal world, we will have a technologically fulfilled and listenable headphone. But if the choice has to be between the two, I'll have fun doing what Microsoft did. These headphones produce little or no high frequency excitement, but they provide a comfortable sound quality. I particularly liked them while listening to the internet. Hive Mind And Erykah Badu Mom's gun, Both records feature a strong bass line contrasted with sweet base vocals. The bass does not flow too much into the midrange, and if you stick with modern electric music, you will know a lot about these surface cans.

I also found that the bass on the Sony 1000X M3 was not controlled and controlled, and similar criticism could be leveled in Apple's Beats range. In the context of over-ear wireless NC headphone competition, Microsoft's Surface set is in the middle. There is no true great NC headphone yet, but the trade-off within you is the serenity to adjust the world. Microsoft's cans are very good at boosting ambient sound, including the opposite option to better understand the surrounding environment.

As for Cortana, I have not many good things to say about it. Like Bing, Microsoft is trying to get people to use it, and very few services do not. You can enable & # 39; Hey Cortana & # 39; voice activation via the Cortana app for Windows and Android or iOS, but the response is usually slow, inconsistent, and slow in command processing. People who are fully investing and investing in the Microsoft ecosystem, where a strong portfolio of surface devices is certainly encouraged, can still benefit from this. But without relying on Microsoft's calendar, Outlook mail, or other services, I have little reason to call Cortana.

If you do not mind setting up Cortana on your phone, press and hold one of the capacitive ear cups on the surface headphone to activate the basic helpers of the mobile OS. I tried this feature using Google Assistant. How exactly does the Assistant work with headphones? It's ironic and fun that Microsoft worked more effectively with the Google Assistant interaction compared to Cortana.

Hold down the side of the headphone to hear the usual Google Assistant & # 39; Listen & # 39; You can request the next appointment, set or cancel an alarm, and get a weather forecast without having to take your phone out of your pocket or unlock it. By default, this is the full Google Assistant on my headphones. It is also fast and accurate.

Microsoft has more than 8 mics on surface headphones. Each ear cup has two microphones for picking up the user's voice and two microphones for the NC. With a sophisticated audio input system, you can also understand when you enter a Google Assistant command and have a conversation in a conference call. Surface Headphones do not have access to high quality recordings, but you can understand them by speaking.

Microsoft's loyalty to Cortana may be neglected if it does not meet your needs, but I think it actually costs money. Cortana can be activated with a voice command using the Surface headphone, and the microphone listens to the command continuously, whether it is desired or not. They do not record anything. There is no worry about privacy, but the added power consumption seriously hampers the battery life of the surface can. Microsoft says you get 15 hours on a single charge and have not earned more than 10 hours. minimum Nowadays 20 hours provided by Microsoft's competition, this is a pretty big limitation. Surface Headphones are charged via USB-C, so you can conveniently charge them without a compatible charger. You can charge up to two hours.

Through Surface Headphones, Microsoft has laid a foundation for this. With sophistication a few more years ahead, the surface design team needs to address loose fit and comfort issues while audio engineers can improve internal quality. I absolutely believe that Microsoft will be one of the important headphone manufacturers of our future. This is far from a one-time experiment.

It depends on whether you need to build your own pair for yourself. I am still attracted to these headphones, and I enjoy listening to my music with them. And I was constantly impressed by the speed with which they connect to my device and the solid stability of their connections. Volume and NC control dials are just a dream to use. But I do not feel comfortable enough of them. Their sounds are too extraordinary to my taste, and their battery life is too limited. Anyone who is not embarrassed by such shortcomings should go and get a pair. The rest of us are really looking forward to the second version of this Surface headphone.

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