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Pokemon Go news: Pikachu combo release and December Community Day Let's update | Games | hospitality


Pokemon Android and iOS can now be connected to the latest version of Nintendo Switch, Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu.

Mobile Smash Heat fans can now transfer their Pokémon to the switch and enjoy new in-game bonuses.

You can prove that there is a great combo between the two games. Especially if you are an active Pokemon Go player.

And according to the latest data, the new Pokemon adventure seems to be able to sell many copies for Nintendo.

According to a new report by NPD analyst Matt Piscatella, many Pokemon Go players are interested in Let's Go Pikachu.

This number can reach 15% of the Pokemon Go player base, which is a tremendous amount.

Here is a report on the new Nintendo Switch game release and Pokemon Go.

"24% of the active Pokémon Go players are active-switch players, and 65% of the Pokémon Go player / switch owners group is buying and playing Pokémon: Let's Go . This is about 15% of the total current Pokémon Go players who want to buy and play Let's Go, the Switch version of Pokémon.

"Also, more than 13% of Pokémon Go players who do not play on the current switch are trying to buy and play Pokémon: Let's Go.

"This is mainly a group of individuals who want to buy Nintendo Switch due to the presence of Pokémon: Let 's Go …

"Data also suggests that the multi-pronged approach taken by the Pokémon brand to engage with fans through a variety of media has successfully grown the entire potential market. Mobile and console offerings, It seems to work.

"Because of this effort, franchisee Pokémon has a lot more sales potential than focusing on a specific platform or platform."

This may mean that about 7 million Pokemon Go players are interested in Pokemon. Let 's Go Pikachu means a huge sales increase.

It is still in its infancy, but the more Nintendo data you release, the more you will need to see the impact of Pokemon Go.

In other Pokemon Go news, fans will soon learn more about the Official Community Day in December.

Niantic generally announced Community Day dates and featured Pokemon in a few days after the end of the previous event.

However, in a November Community Day event starring Cyndaquil, in just a week, fans are not smart about dating or featured Pokemon.

Some fans speculated that the December event was canceled due to the holiday season.

Fortunately, however, the announcement is delayed and the event does not seem to have been canceled.

According to Niantic Support, he told a fan that it would be released soon.

Niantic Support, who requested more information on the Community Day event, tweeted as follows: "For more information, take a careful look at the @PokemonGOApp channel and we will announce all this information soon."

The December 15 Community Week will be held on the 15th and 16th of December. Events like past events are held between 10 am and 1 pm

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