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Rafa Benitez praises the ambitions of AFC Bournemouth. The last window was outspending Newcastle United.


Rafa Benitez warned the players that they should respect AFC Bournemouth this weekend. But Cherry insisted he deserved to join the top six of the Premier League.

The South Coast side earned TV money when it opened its mouth, poured 20 million pounds for Nathan Ake, paid £ 20 million for Jefferson Lerma during the last two seasons, I broke it.

Newcastle, meanwhile, paid £ 23 million for the summer pass at an eternal transfer and opted for a lender in January trading.

Benitez thinks Eddie Howe's side is not surprising that he has enjoyed the dream season on top-flight so far.

"I think I spent about 50 million pounds in the summer," he told the Chronicle.

"They paid good money to the players and they have done it for the last two years.

"It means they have a squad.

"They will say that we need this and that.

"They sign three players to make big money and then spend a lot of money on the other three.

"Some fans say they do not spend money, sometimes they can not.

"You need to go to a market that covers certain positions and you can manage.

"They spent a lot of money on Nathan Ake or Jefferson Lerma, so they tried to make what they needed.

Jack Stephens (Center) in Southampton and Ball of Callum Wilson (right) in Bournemouth
Jack Stephens (Center) in Southampton and Ball of Callum Wilson (right) in Bournemouth

Bournemouth has named Callum Wilson. England captain Newcastle (Newcastle) has signed a one-time striker this season.

Benitez considers Bournemouth one of the Premier League's current league positions and knows that his team should have scored three points.

Benitez said: "If you want to get 3 points in a away game against Chelsea you have to be good but it is not very good but you can still win.

"If you play against a team in the middle of the table, it will not go well.

"Bournemouth is on that bracket now.

"You have to be good on your own, but sometimes you need some luck.

"If you play hard, it's hard to get results.

"But I can get more chances when I play with the bottom team."

In spite of Bournemouth's high position, when Burrarie defeated Turf Moor 4-0, Surrey most surprisingly, Cherry still had three defeats this season.

However, they showed exactly what they can do when demolishing Watford from Vicarage Road.

Benitez did his best to review the performance on DVD this week.

Benitez said: "I watched Watford play and was at risk from counterattacks and set-ups.

"I think they are really a team that knows each other well.

"They have a good move that works well.

"At the same time they enjoy good football.

"They are confident and can not work because they are not pressured.

"It means they will try more.

"If you are not confident, make mistakes.

"But if things go well, it's very different."

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