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Red carpet event in Liam Neeson movie canceled in racist procession

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Media CaptionsListen to a statement that sparked Liam Neeson's anger.

Liam Neeson's latest movie "New York Red Carpet Opening of Liam Neeson" was canceled after a friend commented that he was trying to kill a black man randomly after being raped .

The reporters were told about the event that the cold pursuit was crashed two hours before scheduled.

Neeson claimed to be a racist, but the Independent magazine cried out on Monday.

He said he wanted to start a broad dialogue on racial discrimination.

The red carpet event organizers said there would be no pictures or interviews in New York City.

What exactly did your hand say?

He was talking to promote ruthless, revenge thrillers.

He said that a convicted rape occurred long ago and that he learned about rapists when he returned from his overseas trip. The actor continued to use racist language for the attacker.

He said: "She has dealt with the situation of rape in the most special way.

"But I had an immediate reaction, I asked, did she know who it was, no, what color were they?

"I went up and down the light area hoping to have access to someone, and I am ashamed of it. [uses air quotes with fingers] & # 39; Black guy & # 39; will be out of the bar and I have to go to something, you know? So I could kill him. "

How did he answer later?

After extensive criticism, he told ABC's Good Morning America, "I am not racist."

He asked what he wanted from his experience and said to the organizer: "To say.

"We all think that we are all politically correct in this country, and so are mine. Sometimes you are scratching the surface and discovering this racism and prejudice and there it is."

He learned about his friend 's rape about 40 years ago and said he had seen "impulsive urge to scourge" since he died.

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Media CaptionsPlaywright and writer Bonnie Greer wrote that Nisson's mention of the race was "foolish, stupid"

The actor said he "intentionally went out into the black areas of the city to rescue physical violence."

He said his friend's abuser was white, but said he was "shocked" by his reaction and would have done the same.

How did other people respond?

Gary Younge of the Guardian wrote: "Next time someone asks why there is a chip on my shoulder, I do not have to solve the problem with disdain anymore.

"I can really speak in every word. I have to be vigilant because there can be an Academy candidate actor trying to kill me."

Kehinde Andrews, an academic research professor at the University of Birmingham, said BBC Neeson's remarks were "totally inappropriate and aggressive" while promoting the movie as "nasty."

Playwright and author Bonnie Greer said Neeson "probably paid for his career."

But former English footballer and anti-racist activist John Barnes defended Neeson in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live.

He was ashamed all week and understood that it was wrong to think about what he did, and this conversation must be done. "

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Media CaptionsFormer soccer player John Barnes says Liam Neeson deserves a medal.

Since the story first broke on Monday, there have been a lot of people's comments about social media.

Frederick Joseph, who works to better express himself in the press, wrote that Neeson's story "shows how black people have a meaningless and tough black life."

But some people agree with Barnes that Neson acknowledged that idea and should not be cursed, but he realized that they were wrong and that he had learned.

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