Saturday , June 3 2023

Spurs Survive Wolves Thriller goes to fourth place


Wolverhampton: Tottenham has resisted installation-related injury problems and the wrathful Wolves fight to win a 3-2 victory over Molineux on Saturday.

One night when his team threatened Mousa Dembele's injury and Juan Foyth's tremendous Premier League debut, Mauricio Pochettino, the head of Tottenham, was almost proud to drop 3-0.

In the first 61 minutes, however, the goals of Erik Lamela, Lucas Moura and Harry Kane proved to be enough to win, despite the fact that the boys' two subsequent penalties were the finals of the tribune.
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Pochettino had three points in the background of a thinned team, Davinson Sanchez rested on the bench, and Dele Alli remained at home as the manager tried to handle his tight resources against the next set of crucial Champions League tie against PSV Eindhoven.
He threatened for a while that Tottenham was retiring, but it was enough in the tank to raise Arsenal over the North London rivals in fourth place in the Premier League.

Pochettino only had six minutes of injuries when Belgian midfielder Dembele stepped out of the ball.

The field was assisted by the edge of the area before being lifted onto a stretcher and chasing the tunnel.

Instead of replacing Son Heung-Min with the deputy's "bench", a transformation that had to be rearranged, Moussa Sissoko moved to a disadvantaged midfielder.

Dembele Victor Wanyama fell knee on the sidelines along with Eric Dier, who had a serious problem and left young England as Harry Pinchettino's only central midfield.


18-year-old Oliver Skipp, replacing Tottenham and seemingly at the center of the next midfield, Winks considers himself a key player in his club as he appears to be following his next international venue this month.

Alli, a well-respected English player who has been resting to protect him from duplicating the hamstring injury, may still play in a deeper midfield role.

Spurs scored twice in three minutes after both teams split.

First, within 27 minutes, Lamela has achieved real quality to avoid two defenders, to play a clever one-two with the Boy and flock to a crunchy, low finish in front of Roland Patricio.

Then some of the teams defected in the 29th minute.

Matt Doherty and Ryan Bennett both missed Moura's free-kick, and Kieran Trippier's right-hand cross-over ball was removed by free kick.

When Kane raised the attack to 3-0 for 61 minutes after Patricio broke his initial shot, the game was over as a competition.

But Wolves set up two dividends as a tribe, which was handed over by debut Foyth.

First, the young Tottenham defender raises Raul Jimenez, Ruben Neves has changed from the spot in the 68th minute.

When Foyth overturned Jonny in the 79th minute, Jimenez scored a point for the Spurs to sweep before the win was finally over.

| Edited: Suyash Upadhyaya

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