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Marr interview analysis of sturgeon

A spokesman, Andrew Marr, said that when Nicola Sturgeon hits last week using words like "waiting for settling dust" at Holyrood, the prospect of a second independent vote .

It is worthy of comparison to what you said about Sturm Maim and to the comments made in the less formal environment of the Independence for Women of Independence Conference in Perth yesterday. WfI was one of the most prominent and unordered groups in the 2014 campaign. Since then, we have been successfully recreated into a broad group of campaigns. This is the first time Sturgeon made a speech at one of their events. Of course, the meeting was held long before the crisis last week, but her appearance is nonetheless interesting.

She has already told WFI activists that "the end of the spectrum is coming to an end," she said, "not through a democratic decision on the majority of the Scottish people, but on the path to independence." The joke to dismantle the union is easy when she has done so far.

She told the delegates that she had sympathy for the Convent of Theresa, and she was surrounded by deadly men to treat David Cameron, but last week she added "I have greatly strengthened my case for independence."

Sturm also called for the Commons Alliance for negotiations. What Marr did not ask her was whether her alliance included Jacob Rees-Mogg. She said to them, "Those who do not think this deal is the right way are now responsible for gathering together alternatives." She said she and Jeremy Corbyn would discuss it with others. I will be visiting London this weekend. She especially likes to talk to Corbyn, saying, "I listened to him. [on Sky] Jeremy Corbyn's lack of leadership says he will act differently. So, if I can help make the labor a place where we can merge, I will be willing and willing to work. "

Of course this is not the first time Sturgeon has proposed a progressive form of alliance led by Westminster's SNP and did not go so well to Ed Miliband in the 2015 general election.

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