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The British Parliament may have the same fate as Notre Dame. British News

MPs warn that the Palace of Westminster is at risk for a fire that could be as destructive as a fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, unless quick action is taken to renew the fragile interior of Congress.

Billions of pounds of recovery and renewal programs began in the mid-2020s after deciding to move out of the building so that billions of people could do important work in the past.

The fire safety team continues to patrol Westminster, a New Gothic palace where fire broke out 40 times between 2008 and 2012. A small fire was quickly dispatched by the watchdog.

The Guardian found that in 2016, the lights in the obscure part of the roof caused an electric fire. Experts warn that the aging electrical systems of the Congress and the maze of shafts and corridors mean that the fire can spread quickly and unpredictably. There is no proper fire classification system.

Chris Bryant, chair of the finance committee, oversaw the parliamentary restoration project. "Watching Paris tonight reminds us that our generation is responsible for Westminster Palace, especially Westminster Hall.

"We have already established our fire safety measures for too long, some of the palaces are as old as Notre Dame, and we must take all fire precautions whenever major work is done." God knows we have enough warnings. "

Theresa May 's deputy cabinet minister David Lidington wrote a column to a local newspaper, Bucks Free Press, two days ago that Congress was lucky to avoid a major fire or event in recent years.

"Several times last year, a block of bricks fell out of the building, and we were very lucky that no one was seriously injured." He wrote immediately after the MP evacuated the Commons chamber due to water leaks.

"Even worse, electricity, plumbing, heating, and sewer systems are far beyond their expected life and worn-out condition.

Most of Westminster's old palace was destroyed by fire in 1834 and rebuilt by architect Charles Barry, but the 900-year-old Westminster Hall survived the fire.

Lidington said the restoration work was inevitable even though the buildings turned into museums and the congress was moved to a modern building. "Even if Congress is permanently moved elsewhere, we have a duty to recover and renew the building," he wrote.

"The difficulty is that ministers are members of parliament and have to share time with each ministry and council, so if you move the council, you have to move all the major government ministries, You have to repair it. "

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