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The Queen has never done these six routines and normal things.

The queen lives a completely unique life.

As a princess and queen of the throne, she had access to some of the finest things in the world.

She had a fantastic meal, visited every corner of the globe, and met many interesting and interesting people.

But her life is full of luxury, but many things that have been on the throne mean she misses.

There are a lot of perfectly normal things that almost everyone has done for the rest of their lives. It is something the Queen has never done before.

She has set a lot in her life.

Some of us are willing to give up some of them, but others are an important milestone that many people value.

I went to school.

The Royalties currently attend the best private schools and universities in the UK, and Prince William and Prince Harry are proud of Eaton's education.

But the queen did not go to school at all.

Instead, she and her sister, Princess Margaret, were personally educated at home, some of the best tutors available for money.

They studied constitutional history and law to work in the royal family.

Princess Elizabeth (left), Princess Margaret and their father George VI
The princess was educated at home.

They were well educated, but did not have the opportunity to miss classroom classes and remain school friends for the rest of their lives.

I accepted the driver 's license test.

Like a passport, a driver's license is issued in the name of the Queen. In other words, you do not need a driver's license.

She learned to drive during World War II, but had to take the test.

She saw frequent driving around Sandringham at Land Rovers.


When Princess Elizabeth woke to Philip in "The Handsome and Bold" Prince of Greece and Danish at the Royal Naval College in Darmouth in 1939, she bowed over her heels.

She was only a teenager when she first met. The couple waited until they turned 21, but they fell in love to announce their relationship.

Biography Robert Lacy writes: "One of the most extraordinary things about the queen is that she fell in love and married to the first man she met.

"Of course, it is a bit exaggerated.

"But when she was a naval officer in the Dartmouth Navy in 1939, she met Prince Philip of Greece.

They soon fell in love.

"She met him before the family gathering, but this was when sparked by her own account."

It is a lovely story, but it means that the Queen missed out on an entire dating game and missed an opportunity to meet many exciting and talented bachelors.

ballot box

It is not illegal, but it is unconstitutional for the monarch to vote in every election.

As head of state, the queen must remain neutral on all political issues.

We are confident that we have our own views on what is going on in the House, but we maintain her conscious and formal role.

The Queen has a weekly meeting with the prime minister where she is updated with the key issues and what is happening.

The Queen meets Theresa May on a regular basis.

I spent 9-5 days.

The queen has a very busy schedule filled with provincial business, government affairs and formal contracts, but she has never done a normal job.

She never worked in the office, took pints to the locals, or had to deal with office politics and bad colleagues.

I had social media

Like all members of the Royal Family, privacy is very important to the Queen. So she avoids social media like most of her relatives.

Some of the young royal family are known to have a secret account to contact their family, but the queen seems to have nothing.

She sent a tweet before visiting the Science Museum in October 2014.

She said, "Today @ the museum of information science, I hope you will enjoy the pleasure of opening the exhibition of the information age and enjoy the people visiting." Elizabeth R.

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