Wednesday , February 8 2023

Tulse Hill stabbed to death. A 16 – year – old boy was stabbed to death on a London street.


A murder case suspected of being stabbed for the fifth time in a week in London has been investigated.

Police said a 16-year-old boy was found wounded in a stab wound in Thulse Hill in southern London after reports of the shooting.

The paramedics ran to the scene but could not save their teen.

He was never arrested and was known to the boy's relatives.

I suspect it was stabbed fifth in the capital this week. On Wednesday, Lockheed Gehal (38) was killed in broad daylight at Southwark Park in Rotherhithe, in southeastern London.

The next day, 15 – year – old Jay Hughes died of a heart attack at Bellingham in southeastern London.

The 17-year-old Malcolm Mide-Madariola was fatally stabbed Friday outside Clapham South Tube Station in South London on Friday. A man estimated to be 22 on Sunday was fatally stabbed at Anerley in southern London.

Police have announced they will deploy hundreds of police officers across the capital in response to recent murders.

Stuart Cundy, the captain of the capital police, said hundreds of police officers will go out on the streets to prevent more deaths, saying that a "terrible" incident occurred in the capital for a few days.

"We have hundreds of additional workers on the streets of every borough," he said.

"Only together can lower the level of violence in London."

Sadiq Khan 런던 시장은 stabbings의 첩보 이후, 올해 117 건의 살인 사건이 기록 된 수도에서 문제를 돌리기 위해 10 년이 걸릴 것이라고 말했다.

그는 또한 초등학생 때 나이 어린 아이들이 나이프를 들고 범죄 조직에 합류하고 있다고 경고했다.

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