Wednesday , March 29 2023

UK weather forecast: Met Office Today's Latest – Flood warning from heavy rain | Weather | news


As the cold day is dragged northward by the wind, the storm will be a cold day today. However, the sunlight can be heard well.

The official Metro Office Yellow Warning is available on Friday from 9 am to 9 pm in Southwest England, South Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Government operating agencies warned that the region should anticipate the "flood of some homes and businesses" and the "short-term loss of power and other services".

A meteorologist at Met Office, Aidan McGivern, said Friday afternoon, "It looks wet in Northern Ireland, western Wales and southwestern England.

"The wind is blowing and some areas of Scotland are raining, but it is expected to rain beyond the hills.

"It combines with winds, gales, strengthening of 50-60 miles an hour around the coast.

"That's why all of these ingredients are combined, which means that some collapse can occur across the rush hour on Friday evenings, especially in the south-west of Ireland, South Wales and England."

The metro office website warns that 40-60 mm of rain will rain in high areas of the UK.

Unstable weather is expected to last until the weekend and sunshine and showers are expected nationwide.

It may get cold sometimes, but it will be calmer today.

McGivern warned of cold weather starting Thursday, an area of ​​cloudy and rainy rain through northern England, Midlands, Wales and the Southwest.

"A sharp wind from the south will push north fairly quickly.

"East Anglia and the southeast will continue to dry out in the afternoon, with warmer air at 12-14 degrees in the afternoon."

Thursday night should be relatively warm in the rain, but rain will hit parts of the country.

This will lead to mild weather on Friday morning before heavy rainfall.

McGivern explained: "After the sun goes down on Thursday night, we keep this rainy rainy rain that brings some wet weather to western Scotland, western Wales and the southwest, even though it may not rain.

"Friday morning starts to calm down because the wind is blowing from the south, but it pushes the course of Friday with stronger and heavy rainfall."

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