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16 minutes to explain the Trump presidency

Trump's crisis management appears to define the most unique characteristic of a political career: the irresistible energy of the power of natural personality, instinctive reflections to refuse to accept losses and seek new openings.

His political arsenal was exhibited Thursday at the Oval Office at Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and the Trumpet Master Class in photography.

So a 100-year-old historian brought a 16-minute tour tape and learned everything he needed to know about the Trump presidency.

Trump's actions on Thursday provided guidance on how to try to break through political customs using a unique political tool that would lead his successive transition from business to Washington to success.

Congressional criticism appeared to be a disaster for conventional politicians, as the Justice Department 's congressional probe led to the final report of a special adviser to Robert Mueller. Including the remembrance of some Republicans who were unlikely to challenge their leader during the first two years of the Republican presidential nomination.

Rejecting Trump's failure to show weakness or humility as a defeat helps explain why he is so troubled by his indifferent, relentless temperament and indifference to shame.

Trump was bold, provocative, and indifferent, sometimes showing demonic but powerful political skills. He made a ridiculous claim to his success and hinted at his sudden human nature and brutal recognition of the weaknesses and inconveniences of political opponents.

Trump also showed indifference or rude disregard for the political movements of Allied leaders, fell into a willingness to lie, and betrayed his thoughts with his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

Trump v Beto

At a White House meeting Thursday, Trump asked at the press conference about the most exciting contestants for Democratic White House contender Beto Luke, former Texas senator. He was ready.

"Well, I think he's doing a lot of hand gestures, I've never seen a lot of hand gestures, I said he's crazy or just acting."

Trump spoke to reporters, "Investigate, I'm sure you will agree."

O'Rourke's jab was not just rubbish. It was a return to Trump aiming at forensic political opponents who helped break up the Republican base in 2016.

The ridiculing of O'Rourke's gestures may seem rashly as debate over national political unrest and rigid policies is taking place. Trump, however, is a trivial and gruesome opponent specialist who is able to reduce the gravity of controversy and feed conservative media devices.

Four years ago, his diagnosis of Bush 's low energy established a description of the former Florida governor' s campaign, which implies the truth. One-time GOP leaders could never recover.

Horn vs. Brexit – And Obama

At the meeting, Tump said, "I will not comment on Brexit." But I could barely leave this topic because I can not constrain myself.

At the start of his meeting, Trump welcomed Varadkar and pointed out that his visitors to British torture to withdraw from the European Union (EU) are having difficulty in harming the peace and prosperity of Ireland.

Trump also often used his position, screaming wary of one of his business (in this case, the Irish golf course).

"I have a very warm place for Doonbeg, I will tell you that and it's a really nice place."

Praising Ireland, Trump instantly turned to his own success, his economic management, and his distinctive pride in how he captured "all records … all records on the stock market".

Trump's obsession with Obama seemed to be a nervous mite twice in taking pictures, and he voluntarily tapped false statements.

First, he predicted that the former president would refuse to refer European voters to the referendum in 2016.

Obama did not bet on the results. But he warned the British would go "behind the queue" for trade negotiations with the United States when he left England.

Trump made the wrong claim that the EU was reluctant to "negotiate" with the Obama administration on trade. In fact, the previous administration attempted to enter the Trans-Atlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) with Europe, but could not get a deal beyond the line. Trump 's own negotiations on trade with Europe are not decisive after triggering a trade war.

Trump vs. his global counterpart

Trump 's comment on Brexit also explained the president' s tendency to respect dictator 's throwing coalition leaders under the bus.

He condemned Mother Teresa's prime minister. The trust of Mother Teresa was due to the defeat of Parliament.

"She did not listen to it and it's okay, I mean, she has to do what she has to do," said Trump, who had been forced to apologize for seeing the Brexit strategy last May. England.

He also repeated the truth that he predicted the outcome of the British referendum when he fled the Turnberry golf course in 2016. In fact, Trump arrived on the west coast of Scotland after the referendum was announced.

Whether the president knows that he is lying or is convinced of the truth of his alternative reality is unclear. But continuing to use the suspicious facts is a key element of his political skills.

Trump also put Varadkar on the spot. We asked you to share your thoughts about Brexit. We threatened to expose differences of opinion about Brexit.

Trump then interfered with Varadkar, which he saw as he hoped the president would savage the EU with one of the country 's leaders.

"The European Union treats us very unfairly," Trump said.

"If they do not talk to us, we will be doing very serious economic things," Trump said. "We are going to impose tariffs on many products."

Most leaders are trying not to enter hostile and delicate domestic politics.

It is not Trump.

The exchange also revealed one of Trump's political tools. His enthusiastic efforts to infiltrate his base – in this case, the signing problem, the transaction – were injected into almost every political situation.

Trump v Congress

Trump also began a mini-campaign rally, abandoned the Senate vote to cancel the emergency declaration, and spelled hard-line policy on immigration and the wall. I always had to keep in mind the most loyal voters.

In an interview published this week by Breitbart News, Trump published another aspect of his personality, along with voters who seemed neglected by the political elite.

The president complained about the Democratic Party 's investigation and made public remarks suggesting the possibility of political violence.

"I can say there is support for the police, support for the army, support for cyclists for Trump, I have people who are tough, but they do not play hard, the point is very bad and very bad, Said the website.

The constant appeal to the origins of Trump is obvious.

A Republican senator from North Carolina, Thom Tillis upset the president every 11 hours in a vote on the declaration of a state of emergency.

In an interview with CNN's Jim Acosta, a top GOP official in North Carolina, Tillis said he felt intense pressure ahead of major challenges next year.

An official said Tillis "is hitting hard in the country."

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