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All purchasing history in Gmail appears in privacy discussions.

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The purchase page (displayed on mobile) has more details than you can remember.

It's labeled & # 39; Purchases & # 39; and can be purchased at Aligned logs of purchased digital and physical items will select Google's auto-scan from receipts sent to Gmail's inbox. statement CNBC Google has confirmed that the page is visible only to users, and "We may remove this information at any time. We do not use the information used to place your ads in your Gmail messages, and we do not accept email receipts and / Includes a purchase page. "

Still, we've been providing a lot of information over the years, and even when used on Google Maps, we'll automatically highlight the exact information that we can access by highlighting the card as an assistant, the privacy of search, or the path of Google Maps. You can also delete items, but you do not have the ability to delete information that has exceeded a certain period of time or delete the bulk button recently in your Location History. We can turn off this type of tracking, but there's no link to controls on this page. CNBC We're looking for ways to simplify the setup.

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