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Amazon considered Alexa listening without waking up.

In fact, this patent allows Alexa to "look back" on what he has recently heard before he hears the name. For example, what happens if the user says, "What about the weather today?" The device hears the trigger word "Alexa" and reverts to the previous phrase to process the command quickly. To accomplish this, the voice assistant constantly records, stores, processes, and then quickly removes the voice if it is not relevant.

Implementing these features can result in significant privacy issues for users. The patent considers this and allows the user to record and store audio for 10 to 30 seconds at a time.

An Amazon spokesperson said, "The technology of this patent is not used and it is very critical to mention the potential use of the patent." "Like many companies, we submit a number of future-oriented patent applications seeking new scientific ideas that may not be customer-oriented products. Patents can take many years to reflect current or near-term product status, or May not be and service. "

If the patent goes to your Alexa, the recording restriction may still not be enough for some people. Amazon has already shown many times that Alexa's recordings are not as personal as they seem. According to a recent report, Amazon hires a team that hears and processes Alexa recordings, and Auditors can potentially access personally identifiable information, including location data. Amazon mistakenly sent someone else's Alexa soundtrack to the user and was ordered by the court to hand over the audio from the person's smart speaker as part of an ongoing trial.

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