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Ariana Grande, emotionally thank you for your next performance.


Ariana Grande, Ellen de Genères Show

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Ariana Grande It is not perfect and she does not have to be measured.

On Wednesday's episode Ellen de Generes Show, A 25-year-old pop star played his first single "thank u, next" on TV. that much First wife– The thriving number featured Grande and her backup singer, Victoria Monteux and Taylor ParkAll dressed in white clothes at the wedding.

The trio's choreography imitated the finale in a 1996 comedy appearance. Goldie Horn, Diane Kitten and Battle Midler They became three friends who sought revenge for their poor husband.

(Instagram sneak peek Tuesday, Grande for Hawn, Monét for Keaton, Park for Midler Grande Ellen de Generez I shared a preview clip via social media.)

During the second verse, I stood on one of the Grande chairs and said, "I spend more time with my friends / I do not worry, how about? / Plus, I met someone else / We can have a better debate. " After withdrawing, the heeled skirt staggered and shouted. "Oh, my God!" But without missing a beat, the pop star was able to recover and laugh on his own. She then started singing while resuming the performance. "This song is last / because her name is Ari / I am good at it."

Grande was able to repeat her performance as it was pre-recorded on Tuesday. But why should she? If she learns to break up Pit Davidson and Mac MillerDeath of unrighteousness, it would make her pass just any sense of humor. Still, Grande shed tears on the bridge. "Someday I will walk the way / with my mom / I will thank my father / she grew up in the drama." "If you want to do it only once, the real bad / Gon makes it last / God will not let anything happen / this song should break."

After the show, DeGeneres told Grande: "Thank you for coming here, it was so great, you had a really hard time, we all love you, we support you. sweetenerAnd you will all go home with her CD! "

Grande also performed her hit single "Breathin" on Wednesday's episode.

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