Friday , August 12 2022

Ariana Grande & Mark Hamill's Twitter Exchange is an obstacle that you did not need


A week after Ariana Grande unexpectedly dropped singles "Thank U Next", people still can not stop talking about it. star Wars Legend, obviously. On sunday, Grande and Mark Hamill exchanged Twitter. I will. definitely It makes two fans so excited. That's why the two pandies can cross, and Grande yourself will be surprised about it.

Hamill started with the "TwitterTest4Twits" hash tag saying, "Thank you, next time." Of course, let's face it, because people immediately thought he was referring to the Grande song of the same name: A swallow People recently posted these three words on Twitter. But in fact, it turns out that he did not really know he was talking about one of the biggest songs ever released this year. Obviously, when someone asks you what to post, you asked for a tweet, and in the description, you spelled "you" as "u".

"When you realize that someone suggested you on Twitter that you think it was a verse that turned out to be the title of a new album by one of the most popular artists @ArianaGrande on Twitter, Hamill tweeted," # ImSorryAri #ItsUnotYou. "

clearly, star Wars And Hamill, Grande, feels hallucinated accordingly after she sees this tweet. She retweeted the message of Hamill, sincerely fangirling the way the person is the hero of the protagonist star Wars Franchise tweets about you.

First, she said she could not hold her breath.

Next, when Hamill says the explanation for the tweet is "Thanks, next", Grande says, "I'm going to tattoo this on my forehead."

And imagine that the fan is one of Luke Skywalker's most famous artists in Showbiz history, "Grande replied," I'm not honest, I'm okay. "

really, someone Would it be okay after such an exchange? Yes, Mark Hamil is a legend, but he is the same himself. Collecting them will cause the fan's brain to explode.

Grande opened for her. star Wars Love of the past. Her "Break Free" lyrics video in 2014 was modeled as an icon. star Wars Introduction of text at the beginning of each movie Scroll:

Ariana Grande on YouTube

And in 2015 she tried to finish the famous "Who shot first?" Because she had to get a final word, she discussed both the solo or the first time Gredo shoots the video with an alien, then she killed both.

Maybe when Hamill gets to know Grande's new song, he actually hears it and sticks to it like everyone else. Would not he be surprised if he gave away his stuff? star Wars Theme version teaches "One love taught me one, teach me patience, one teach me pain" meme? Spoiler: Poe Dameron meets all three.

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