Saturday , May 15 2021

Becky Lynch shows SmackDown.

Charlotte Flair was burning until Becky Lynch walked through the crowd.

Flair Smackdown I started the promotional opening on all the right notes, but The Man appeared and erased everything.

Twenty-four hours after Lynch was interrupted by WWE, the winner of the 2019 Women Royal Rumble I went back inside the WWE ring. Before Lynch and Flair resumed their competition, Triple H's hit songs and custom music were going to be implemented.

Triple H quickly gave Flair a pair of boots and went out with Lynch orally. The crowd turned on The Game and put The Fandom on The Man. As soon as fans showed support for Lynch, Triple H turned on Lynch as well as the crowd.

Lynch's passion for Stephanie McMahon Monday night life, The game dropped her bomb on her reaction, attempting to dismantle her entire persona.

Triple H questioned Lynch's knee injury, possibly pointing to pressure from The Man and perhaps looking for a way out.

This heel version of enterprise games was the perfect foil for Lynch. Instead of using her words, Lynch's answer was to taste her mouth.

Refusal passed.

WWE is lingering back again with the authority / entrepreneur vs. wrestler.

Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey's feud needed to add McMahon's pinch?

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