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Bernie Sanders gave the best answer to impeachment.

"In the end, the most important thing for me is to see that Donald Trump is not a re-elected president, and I will do everything to keep things from happening.

"But if we go to the center of the election for the next year and a half, everything Congress says does not talk about health care, such as Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Mueller, Mueller and Mueller, Rather than talking about coping with climate change, we are concerned about the benefits of Trump, not about sexism, racism and homophobia, and about all the issues of general Americans "

Sanders says he has a passion for reassessment at the end of the investigation, saying he backs the House of Representatives conducting a survey of some of Mueller's documented Trump's seemingly disturbing actions.

It seems to me that Democrats need to head for 2020. And the reason is as follows.

1) Discarding the conclusions of the Mueller report is unacceptable to the political base of the party.

2) Because of his impeachment, Trump wanted to execute him because he was a victim of overly fragmented Democrats and defeated in the election.

3) The Senate Republicans will not abandon Trump. At the same timeEven if the impeachment succeeds in the House of Representatives, Trump will guarantee that it will not be removed from the office.

Given these three competitive realities, Sanders' position should continue to be investigated, but he can not build a full democracy case for Trump in 2020 surrounding impeachment. It is the safest place politically.

Sanders did not mention the 2016 campaign or the Trump strategy on Hillary Clinton's battlefield, but his position on Trump and the impeachment was announced by this contest.

Clinton's fundamental (sometimes overlapping) message in 2016 is: Trump is terrible and will never support him. And I am the only other person who runs for president.

Yes, Clinton has talked about policy. But the most important message focused entirely on his beliefs. And the voters agreed! The ethnic exit survey found that more than a third of all voters liked Trump, believing he was honest and trustworthy, or believed that his temperament was president. But even those who do not like Trump do not like Clinton any more, so I supported him anyway. And the important thing is that there was no meaning what to do differently.

In a nutshell, the 2016 competition was a personality race between two people that voters disliked. So they chose to think they could change things further.

Sanders clearly warns that the race will be revived. At that point, this part of the impeachment response actually chorded.

"IEverything Congress says to be at the core of the election for the next year and a half is to impeach Trump and Trump, Trump, Trump, Mueller, Mueller and Mueller. Rather than talking about health insurance, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, we're not talking about fighting climate change, but about sexism and racism and homophobia, Concern for me, what I worry about is that Trump is a good thing. "

It is a correct evaluation. Democrats do not have to convince voters that Donald Trump is not the president or drinking tea. Mostly – besides Trump's hardcore supporter – I believe it already. What Democrats have to do is to prove that Trump's policy is dangerous to voters' concerns about their interests. It depends on his request to abolish the Affordable Care Act or his decision to bring the United States down from the Paris Climate Accord or the hard-line immigration policy of the United States.

What Sanders claims is that the way you can beat Trump is policy, not personality. And if Democrats should be impeached by their determined actions in the course of Mueller's investigation, the Democrats will file lawsuits over the next 18 months and consider races to be about character, not policy.

There is a good reason Sanders is right. In the mid-term exam in 2018, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) Adamantly argued that Democratic candidates are constantly talking about health care, not Trump. The Pelosi mantra focuses on Trump's policy rather than Trump's policy. And it worked. Health care was the most important issue for voters according to the 2018 exit poll, and the group voted for Democratic candidates with 52 points.

Do not make mistakes. Sanders knows that Trump is against the hopes of the free democrats who make up his base by not requiring him to be impeached. His decision, unlike the campaign in 2016, puts more emphasis on nomination and presidency than Sanders simply proves his position.

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